Bus & Taxi

There are two main bus stations: Rodoviária Nova, where buses come and go from other cities, and Rodoviária Velha, located downtown, where you can catch buses and minibuses to smaller towns and destinations near Aracaju.

From Rodoviária Nova, catch a bus into the city from a large shelter with a series of triangular roofs beside the station. Buses marked 'Centro' take you downtown. Alternatively, catch a taxi to downtown for around R$30, or to the beaches for around R$40–50.

The city buses (R$3.25) are sometimes infrequent, but safe and good options for traveling from the beaches to the historic center. If going from the beach to the historic center, walk inland to Av Mario Jorge Menezes Viêira. If you're in the centro head over to Av Ivo do Prado along the river and look for line No 51, marked 'Atalaia/Centro.' When in doubt, simply look for buses that advertise either 'Centro' or 'Atalaia.' Most buses have the highlights of their route printed on the side by the door.

Car Hire

Find a range of car-rental agencies along Atalaia’s waterfront: these agencies do steady business, as many destinations in the region are much easier to visit with your own car than by public transportation.