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Santa Maria Airport

GOL and LATAM can fly or connect you to other Brazilian cities from Aracaju’s airport, 11km south of the center.

Transport Options

A taxi to the airport from the center will cost about R$60. From the Rodoviária Velha, take the Aeroporto city bus.


Most long-distance buses leave from the Rodoviária Nova, 6km east of the center.

Águia Branca and Rota ( each offer 11 daily departures to Salvador (R$72 to R$105, four to six hours). Rota buses also go to Maceió (R$52, four to five hours, four daily), as do Real Alagoas buses (R$62, four hours, three daily). Aguia Branca goes to Penedo (R$20, three hours, one daily.)