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Top Choice Arts & Crafts in Novo Airão

Fundação Almerinda Malaquias

The shop for this local foundation, set up to help local community projects, has an excellent choice of mostly wooden crafts, from carved animals and canoes to notebooks. We especially liked the tiny box of 20 diffe…
Top Choice Arts & Crafts in Manaus

Galeria Amazônica

Right on Praça São Sebastião, this is Manaus’ top shop for genuine-article Amazonian handiwork, including gorgeous basketwork, pottery and folk art, as well as T-shirts, jewelry and a handful of Portuguese-language …
Sports & Outdoors in Manaus

Comercial São Bento

One of several casas de redes (hammock shops) clustered around this corner; this one has a monster selection and amiable service. For riverboat trips, suitable cloth hammocks start at R$30, while larger, prettier an…
Arts & Crafts in Novo Airão

Arte Waimiri Atroari

This small shop at the entrance to the port sells crafts from the Waimiri Atroari indigenous people who live a day's journey north of Novo Airão, along the Rio Jauaperi. It's mostly basketwork, bows and arrows, hamm…
Art in Novo Airão

Todo Mosaico

This one-room showroom exhibits the eye-catching paintings (parrots are a recurring theme) of local artist Buy Chaves and the wood-sculpted furnishings of Helen Rossy. It's next to the entrance of Pousada Bela Vista…
Arts & Crafts in Manaus


This attractive shop has a small but carefully chosen range of jewelry, T-shirts and other crafts, as well as paintings and black-and-white photography.
Books in Manaus

Banca do Largo

This small kiosk on the square, right next to the Teatro Amazonas, has an intriguing selection of mostly Portuguese-language books on the Amazon, as well as a few maps.
Department Store in Manaus


This large downtown supermarket is a good place to buy batteries, rain ponchos, toiletries, and so on.