Top Choice Live Music in Manaus

Porão do Alemão

Located on Estrada de Ponta Negra, this longtime bar-club features Brazilian and international rock and pop, and has a safe lively scene popular with tourists and locals alike. VIP area upstairs (R$40).
Bar in Manaus

Copacabana Chopperia

Rio-style bar and dance club, with a semi-open air bar, performance stage and dance floor, with room for seven thousand revelers. DJs spin everything from samba and MPB to electronica and funk. Check out the club's …
Live Music in Manaus

Teatro Amazonas

Performances at Manaus' iconic theater range from professional opera and jazz to student guitar and dance. Quality varies: some are terrific, others barely tolerable, most are free. A line for tickets starts forming…
Club in Tabatinga


Some people in Tabatinga told us this club was 'un-Christian, immoral and homosexual,' which means, of course, it's awesome! Located about five blocks from the border, it attracts a young, sexy crowd dancing till da…