Top things to do in Amapá

Museum in Macapá

Museu Sacaca

This appealing museum consists of traditional indigenous dwellings and cultural artifacts from communities across the Amazon. There are other exhibits, including a natural history section and a research center in th…
Fortress in Macapá

Fortaleza de São José

Built as Macapá's defense against a river attack in 1764, the star-shaped Fortaleza de São José is one of Amazon's most remarkable structures. Filled with greenery and fabulous Amazon River views, and surrounded by …
Pizza in Macapá

Bizzum da Pizza

It's a little removed from the center, but Bizzum da Pizza has long been Macapá's best pizza place. The best orders are those with fat, juicy prawns on top, but they also do pasta dishes and grilled meat.
Seafood in Macapá

Cantinho Baiano

Amazonian river fish are the main attraction here, served in a colorful dining area that gets the occasional river breeze.
Music in Macapá

O Marabaixo

O Marabaixo is an Afro-Brazilian celebration, with music and dance, held 40 days after Semana Santa (Easter).
National Park in Amapá

Tumucumaque National Park

Parque Nacional Montanhas do Tumucumaque (Tumucumaque National Park) is Brazil’s largest national park, spanning nearly 39,000 sq km. It borders the similarly immense Parque Indígena do Tumucumaque, in Pará; togethe…
Cultural in Macapá

Festa de São Joaquim

In mid-August, the nearby town of Curiaú hosts this exuberant Afro-Brazilian celebration. It's a curious, infectious mix of religious devotion and musical performances that takes over the streets.