Enjoy a Variety of Seafood & Grilled Meat in the Best Churrascaria Rio de Janeiro

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Enjoy a complete churrasco culinary experience in the heart of Brasil – Rio de Janeiro! Taste the best of Churrascaria Palace such as the fresh oysters, seafood paired with whites and various South American cuts of meat.  This tour will take you on a culinary adventure by presenting various famous Brasilian cuts of meat such as the ancho beef, picanha and the Argentinian Chorizo. At the end of the meal tour, you will have the option to choose a rich dessert!
Brazil may be the only country in the world where the food comes in bigger portions than on American plates.That's particularly true when it comes to the carnivorous side of things.It's meat by the wheelbarrow in the barbecue tradition known as churrascaria.The Brazilian barbecue tradition hails from the southern part of the country, from a gaucho technique of cooking meat in the wide-open country after a long day wrangling cattle.These days the wranglers come to you at the churrascaria, wielding skewers of meat from all manner of beast and bringing the cuts to your table one by one.There can be more than 20 different types of meat to choose from in the course of a meal at one of the big churrascarias.Each skewer-toting server approaches with a particular cut. You inspect and nod, as if it was a bottle of wine, and the waiter then slices off a chunk for you to savor.When a couple of waiters vie for your taste buds, it looks like a fencing match will break out.It can get hectic on the churrascaria floor, but it's worth it, because the slow-grilling Brazilian barbecue style known as rodizio produces some amazingly tasty food.It starts with a fanatical devotion to high-quality meat and special cuts. The hunks of meat are stabbed onto the skewer and then slow-roasted rotisserie-style over charcoal to lock in the juiciness and flavor.When the top layer of the meat is browned, it's sliced off fresh to serve.The barbecuing is tailored to your individual tastes.You get not only a wide selection of cuts, but also styles: rare (mal passado), medium rare (a ponto para mal), medium (a ponto), medium well (a ponto para bem) and well done (bem passado).The star of this meatapalooza is picanha, a top prime sirloin that melts in your mouth. But there's a big supporting cast -- alcatra (top sirloin), baby beef, filet mignon, file com alho (filet mignon with garlic), maminha (rump steak), costela de Ripa (beef short ribs), and pork loin, sausage, chicken and plenty more.Enjoy in this rodizio-style restaurant offers with over 20 kinds of high-quality cuts, including beef, pork, poultry, lamb and different kinds of fish, not to mention great appetizers, hot meals and mouth-watering side dishes. You will find a buffet with a wide variety of salads, cold cuts, sauces and delicious Japanese dishes like sushi and sashimi. Enjoy thewine, drinks and beverages list. To finish off, you can try one of irresistible desserts!

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  • Hotel/port pickup and drop-off

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