Market in Rio Branco

Mercado Velho

Dubbed the ‘Old Market’, this is actually part of a highly successful urban-renewal effort of several years ago. An old port building was transformed into an attractive food market where you can order anything from …
Brazilian in Rio Branco

Churrascaria Triângulo

True, the ambience here is rather lacking, but if you’re famished and in the mood for meat, you're sure to leave satisfied. The rodízio is especially filling: an all-you-can-eat meat buffet where waiters pass by you…
Buffet in Rio Branco

AFA Bistrô D’Amazônia

The unassuming exterior belies a fancy-pants bistro that's easily the lunch spot in town. The city’s professional classes pack in for fresh (albeit pricey) salad combinations, tender meat and fish dishes, and irresi…
Pizza in Xapuri

Pizzaria Tribos

One of a handful of kiosks in a small park a block off the main plaza, Tribos serves up tasty pizzas at small outdoor tables and gets kudos for playing a nice mix of international rock.
Brazilian in Brasiléia


Daily specials make ordering easy at this small restaurant, one of few genuinely agreeable places in town. Located a half-a-block from the bus station.