Acre attractions

Top Choice Historic Building in Xapuri

Casa Chico Mendes

This simple wood house is where Chico Mendes lived with his family until his murder on the back steps in 1988. Tours include a graphic description of the moment he was shot, with bloodstains still on the walls. Acro…
Top Choice Market in Rio Branco

Mercado Velho

Not only a great place for a meal or late-afternoon beer, Rio Branco’s refurbished riverside Mercado Velho is a favorite spot for city-sponsored cultural events, including live music, dance performances, poetry read…
Museum in Rio Branco

Museu da Borracha

The long-standing Rubber Museum is well worth a look for its fascinating history of rubber tapping in Acre. The museum's three rooms have displays ranging from how tappers learned to extract the milky sap without ki…
Museum in Xapuri

Museu do Xapuri

This small but intriguing museum tells how Xapuri, located at the confluence of two rivers, was once a major transport hub for rubber, nuts, wood and other products, and a favorite of Middle Eastern merchants peddli…
Historic Building in Rio Branco

Palacio Rio Branco

Acre’s first capital building, the imposing Palacio Rio Branco, is now mostly a tourist attraction. A maze of interconnected rooms contain informative, well-done displays on prehistoric artifacts, indigenous communi…
Memorial in Rio Branco

Memorial dos Autonomistas

In its spiffy home on the main plaza, the Memorial dos Autonomistas has a permanent display on Acre’s battle for statehood, plus space for rotating art exhibits. It's also where José Guiomard dos Santos is buried. T…
Cathedral in Rio Branco


Rio Branco's main cathedral, built in 1959, has a single soaring bell tower and three long spacious naves lined with 36 stained-glass windows.