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Following the Crusaders to Acre a group of up to 6 people in luxury cars

In the Footsteps of the Crusaders to Acco (Acre)Group of up to 6 people (one space for an individual with limited mobility using a manual wheelchair)Meet at Cats’ Square at 7:3040 Hillel Street, JerusalemTravel to Acco (Acre)Entrance to the tour of the knights’ halls where we will use an electronic to tell the story of the city and the siteFrom there, we will take a tour of the market streets in the direction of the city’s portBased on weather and other variables, we may take a short sailing trip and view the city’s walls from the waterThen, everyone will have free time to eat or for shopping and individual exploration of the marketReturn to JerusalemOne seat in the vehicle is adapted for individuals with mobility impairmentPlease be in touch to coordinate ahead of time to ensure that travel will be possibleThis location is adapted for individuals with disabilities using a manual wheelchair
10 hours
Kid Friendly

Private Tour to Israel's Coastline - Caesarea, Haifa & Acre

This magical private tours offers a wide perspective about Israel's history, archeology, culture, nations, Food and religions.A Tour that follows the ancient road of the sea “Via Maris”. We would start this day in Caesarea, an ancient city that was built 2000 years ago by King Herods. Continuing to Haifa, and the Bahai Gardens, while listening to stories about the diverse cultures living together in the city. Finishing the day in Acre, a city that represents the crusaders and ottomans period.
10 hours