Books in Gaborone

Botswana Book Centre

You wouldn’t cross town for it, and like the Mall it inhabits it has a neglected air. But this bookshop is worth dropping into for its excellent range of international magazines, with quite a few newspapers thrown i…
Books in Gaborone

Exclusive Books

Easily Gaborone’s best bookshop, this large shop in the Riverwalk Mall has literature, nonfiction and travel books, with excellent sections focused on Africa.
Arts & Crafts in Kasane & Around

Kingfisher Trading Co

A simple shop selling African curios at fixed (though reasonable) prices, as well as fishing gear and a small selection of wildlife books.
Arts & Crafts in Maun

African Arts & Images

Next to the Bushman Craft Shop on the road near the airport terminal, this upmarket shop has an impressive range of books about Botswana and high-quality photographic prints by owner June Liversedge.
Arts & Crafts in Maun

Bushman Craft Shop

Although it caters more to travellers who need a last-minute souvenir before catching a flight out of town, this small shop near the airport has a decent range of books, textiles and woodcarvings.
Arts & Crafts in Thamaga

Botswelelo Centre

The rural village of Thamaga is home to the Botswelelo Centre, which is also known as Thamaga Pottery. This non-profit community project was started by missionaries in the 1970s and now sells a wide range of creatio…
Arts & Crafts in Around Gaborone

Lentswe-la-Oodi Weavers

The village of Oodi is best known for the internationally acclaimed Lentswe-la-Oodi Weavers, a cooperative established in 1973 by Ulla and Peder Gowenius, two Swedes who hoped to provide an economic base for women f…
Arts & Crafts in Gaborone

Botswanacraft Marketing

Botswana’s largest craft emporium sells traditional souvenirs, including pottery from Gabane and Thamaga, San jewellery and baskets from across the country, at fixed prices. It also has books, jewellery, carvings an…
Arts & Crafts in Gaborone

Kalahari Quilts

These stunning quilts are made by Batswana women, overseen by the engaging Jenny Healy, and are a genuinely unique craft to take home. Each one bears an individual imprint, although all do a good job at capturing th…
Arts & Crafts in Gaborone

Thapong Visual Arts Centre

A small gallery of modern and contemporary local work that should be a first stop for anyone interested in buying art that goes beyond the usual African wildlife stuff and wooden masks.