Women Travellers

In general, travelling around Botswana poses no particular difficulties for women travellers. For the most part, men are polite and respectful, and women can often meet and communicate with local men without their intentions necessarily being misconstrued. However, unaccompanied women should be cautious in nightclubs or bars, as generally most instances of hassle tend to be the advances of men who have had one too many drinks.

The threat of sexual assault isn’t any greater in Botswana than in Europe, but women should still avoid walking alone in city parks and backstreets, especially at night. Don’t hitch alone or at night and, if you can, find a companion for trips through sparsely populated areas. Use common sense and things should go well.

Dress modestly. Short sleeves are fine, and baggy shorts and loose T-shirts are acceptable where foreigners are common, but in villages and rural areas try to cover up as much as possible.