The Best of the Delta on DVD

Dereck and Beverley Joubert, National Geographic ‘Explorers in Residence’, have spent almost 30 years visiting the Okavango Delta and documenting its wildlife, especially the big cats. The result is an extraordinary portfolio of DVDs that captures the spirit of the delta and the daily dramas of its wildlife. Jeremy Irons’ narration on many of the stories adds gravitas, if any were needed.

  • The Last Lions (2011) Follows a lioness and her cubs as they struggle to survive around Duba Island in the heart of the delta (narrated by Jeremy Irons).
  • Living with Big Cats (2007) An intimate portrait of the film-makers, the delta and the animals that take centre stage in their films.
  • Eye of the Leopard (2006) A remarkable chronicle of two years in the life of a leopard mother and her cub in the delta.
  • Ultimate Enemies (2003–06) Three-part series documenting the enduring rivalry of lions with buffaloes, hyenas and elephants.