Top ChoiceInternational in Kasane

Old House

This open-air bar-restaurant close to the riverbank is every bit as good as the guesthouse it inhabits. The menu contains all the usual suspects such as burgers, toasted sandwiches, salads, steaks and pizzas,...

Landmark in Savuti

Leopard Rock

The rocky monoliths that rise up from the Savuti sand provide more than welcome aesthetic relief amid the flat-as-flat plains. The outcrops’ caves, rocky clefts and sometime-dense undergrowth also represent ideal...

Hill in Savuti

Gobabis Hill

In the heart of Savuti, Gobabis Hill is home to several sets of 4000-year-old rock art of San origin. The best are the depictions of livestock halfway to the summit on the south side of the rock; park at S...

Natural Feature in Savuti

Savuti Marshes

Savuti Marshes

For decades since the early 1980s, this vast open area in southern Savuti consisted less of marshes than sweeping open plains, save for occasional inundations during the rainy season. But the area’s name again...

Zoo in Kasane

Caracal Biodiversity Centre

Signposted as Biodiversity Centre, about halfway between the main highway and the Chobe Safari Lodge, this research and education centre rescues small wildlife species, then rehabilitates some into the wild and...

Arts & Crafts in Kasane

Chobe Women’s Arts & Crafts

This NGO-backed store sells locally woven baskets made by the women of the region. The women are often present, and are happy to demonstrate their weaving techniques. You'll find it next to the Caracal...

Indian in Kasane

Pizza Plus Coffee & Curry

Just about everything (except African!) is served at this simple Indian-run place, with a reasonable selection of very tasty curries and other Indian dishes, as well as a few pizzas and Southeast Asian–inspired...

Bakery in Kasane

Hot Bread Shop

If you’re arriving from the bush and craving freshly baked bread, look no further than this fine place up behind the Shell petrol station. It also does a few cakes and pastries.

Arts & Crafts in Kasane

African Easel Art Gallery

An upmarket gallery exhibiting purchasable work by artists from Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe, as well as woodcarvings from around the continent.

Arts & Crafts in Kasane

Kingfisher Trading Co

A simple shop selling African curios at fixed (though reasonable) prices, as well as fishing gear and a small selection of wildlife books.