Maun in detail


Maun is not one of the culinary capitals of the world, but that’s not to say you can’t get a decent meal – some camps have accomplished kitchens. Away from the camps and lodges, there's a handful of good restaurants, especially in the area around the airport. Otherwise, Maun has versions of every peri peri–obsessed fast-food chain in Southern Africa, and there are excellent supermarkets.

Buying Meat in Maun

Ask anyone in Maun the best place to buy meat in town for your camping expedition and they're likely to send you to Delta Deli. Part of the Riley's service station set-up, it has easily the most appealing meat selection we found in Botswana – terrific steaks, marinated cuts and excellent sausages. But there is a catch if you plan on taking this bounty out into the Kalahari. Around 60km east of Maun along the road to Gweta, there's the Makalamabedi veterinary gate where they will confiscate any fresh meat they find (there's another similar checkpoint along the Maun–Ghanzi road).