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Airstrips (for chartered flights only) are located at Ghanzi, Tshabong, Twee Rivieren and Nossob Camp.

Car & Motorcycle

The Two Rivers Section is accessible from the south via Two Rivers and Twee Rivieren, and from the north via Kaa. Access to the Kalahari Gemsbok National Park is via Twee Rivieren. Both are about 53km north of the Bokspits border crossing. The border crossings to Namibia at Union’s End and Mata Mata are closed because traffic disturbs the wildlife.

To get to Mabuasehube Gate, most travellers coming from the Botswana side take the sealed road from Kang, southwest to Hukuntsi (108km). Just before Hukuntsi, a potholed road branches left (south) to Lokgwabe (11km). From Lokgwabe, an unsealed road (which was regraded in 2016 but remains sandy in patches) runs south, then east, then south again for 136km to Mabuasehube Gate. The gate is signposted at various points along the way from Lokgwabe. Allow for three hours' driving from Kang to the gate.

To reach Kaa Gate from the Botswana side, make your way to Hukuntsi, pass through the town and take the reasonable unsealed road heading southwest. From Hukuntsi, it's 59km to the small settlement of Zutshwa then a further 73km to the gate. Mabuasehube section is possible from the south (via Tshabong), north (via Tshane) and east (via Werda).