Top things to do in Kalahari

Top Choice Arts Centre in D’kar

Kuru Art Project

This fabulous art project provides opportunities for local artists (14 at last count) to create and sell paintings and other artwork; it’s worth spending an hour or two leafing through the various folios of artworks…
National Park in Kalahari

Central Kalahari Game Reserve

The dry heart of the dry south of a dry continent, the CKGR is an awesome place. If remoteness, desert silences and the sound of lions roaring in the night are your thing, this could become one of your favourite pla…
Nature Reserve in Kalahari

Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park

In 2000 the former Mabuasehube-Gemsbok National Park was combined with South Africa’s former Kalahari Gemsbok National Park to create the new Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. The result is a 28,400-sq-km bi-national pa…
National Park in Kalahari

Khutse Game Reserve

This 2500-sq-km reserve, which is an extension of the southern boundary of the CKGR, is a popular weekend excursion for Gaborone residents, but it’s still deliciously remote and crowds are rare, especially from Sund…
Arts & Crafts in Ghanzi

Gantsi Craft

This cooperative was established in 1983 as a craft outlet and training centre for the San. It’s an excellent place to shop for traditional San crafts, including hand-dyed textiles, decorated bags, leather aprons, b…
International in Ghanzi

Kalahari Arms Hotel

The dining room at the Kalahari Arms is Ghanzi’s only real sit-down restaurant, and you won’t exactly be spoiled for choice. The menu has all the usual suspects of steak, chips and pasta, as well as a few local Sets…
Museum in D’kar


This dusty little museum adjacent to Kuru Art Project is well worth half an hour of your time, with some interesting displays and an informative timeline of San history.
International in Kang

Kang Ultra Stop

The restaurant connected to the petrol station and motel of the same name is a fairly simple place serving up uninspiring but filling meals such as chicken schnitzel or pizza. If you're just after takeaway, it's qui…
Supermarket in Kang


One of the best supermarkets in the whole southern Kalahari region. It's in the main town, 3km off the highway.
Fast Food in Ghanzi


The fact that we include this place should be read as a statement about the lack of choice in Ghanzi more than as a recommendation of quality. Wilted burgers, soggy chips and toasted sandwiches are the staples.