Tourist Information in Kang

Kang Wildlife Office

We strongly recommend that you make your campsite bookings for Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park long before you make it this far, but stop by at this office if you haven't, or if you need to pay for the campsites, or ot…
Tourist Information in Gaborone


To tackle widespread homophobia, a group of lesbians, gays and bisexuals established this group in 1998. The first thing it did was to publish a human-rights charter under the auspices of Ditshwanelo, the Botswana C…
Tourist Information in Kang

Botswana Tourism

Part of the whole one-stop Kang Ultra Stop experience, this tourist office is, surprisingly given its provincial-town location, one of the best-stocked such offices in the country when it comes to brochures.
Bank in Maun

Barclays Bank

Has foreign-exchange facilities and offers better rates than the bureaux de change. Barclays charges 2.5% commission for cash/travellers cheques, but no commission for cash advances with Visa and MasterCard.
Bank in Maun

Standard Chartered Bank

Has foreign-exchange facilities and offers better rates than the bureaux de change. Standard Chartered charges 3% commission for cash and travellers cheques, but isn't as well set up as Barclays Bank.
Tourist Information in Kasane

Botswana Tourism

Plenty of brochures for lodges and safari companies, and generally helpful, although you’re better off visiting the park gate for information on Chobe National Park.
Tourist Information in Maun

Department of Wildlife & National Parks

To pay national park entry fees and book park campsites not in private hands. It’s in a separate compound behind the main department building and is well signposted.
Exchange in Maun

Sunny Bureau de Change

Although you'll get less favourable exchange rates than at the banks, this is a convenient option if the lines at the banks are particularly long.
Bank in Kasane

Barclays Bank

Offers better exchange rates than the bureaux de change. Be sure to stock up on US dollars (post-1996) if you’re heading to Zimbabwe.
Hospital in Gaborone

Gaborone Private Hospital

For anything serious, head to this reasonably modern, but expensive, hospital, opposite Broadhurst Mall. The best facility in town.