Top things to do in Ghanzi

Arts & Crafts in Ghanzi

Gantsi Craft

This cooperative was established in 1983 as a craft outlet and training centre for the San. It’s an excellent place to shop for traditional San crafts, including hand-dyed textiles, decorated bags, leather aprons, b…
International in Ghanzi

Kalahari Arms Hotel

The dining room at the Kalahari Arms is Ghanzi’s only real sit-down restaurant, and you won’t exactly be spoiled for choice. The menu has all the usual suspects of steak, chips and pasta, as well as a few local Sets…
Fast Food in Ghanzi


The fact that we include this place should be read as a statement about the lack of choice in Ghanzi more than as a recommendation of quality. Wilted burgers, soggy chips and toasted sandwiches are the staples.
Supermarket in Ghanzi

Spar Supermarket

Ghanzi's best-stocked supermarket, Spar is in the heart of town, across from Gantsi Craft and the Kalahari Arms Hotel.
Supermarket in Ghanzi

Choppies Supermarket

Ghanzi's cheapest supermarket is in the centre of town.