Gaborone in detail

Getting Around

Car & Motorcycle

Most major international car-rental companies have offices (which may not be staffed after 5pm) at the airport.

Petrol Station

Petrol Station

Local Transport

Packed white combis (minibuses), recognisable by their blue number plates, circulate according to set routes and cost P7. They pick up and drop off only at designated lay-bys marked ‘bus/taxi stop’. The main city loop passes all the major shopping centres except the Riverwalk Mall and the Kgale Centre, which are on the Tlokweng and Kgale routes respectively. Combis can be hailed either along major roads or from the combi stand.


Taxis, which can be easily identified by their blue number plates, are surprisingly difficult to come by in Gabs. Very few cruise the streets looking for fares, and most seem to be parked around Botswana Road or near the combi stand. You’re better off arranging one through your hotel. If you manage to get hold of one, fares (negotiable) are generally P50 to P80 per trip around the city.

Final Bravo Cabs

Speedy Cabs