Eastern Botswana attractions

Wildlife Reserve in Khama Rhino Sanctuary

Khama Rhino Sanctuary

With the rhinos all but disappeared from Botswana, Serowe's residents banded together in the early 1990s to establish the 43-sq-km Khama Rhino Sanctuary. Today the sanctuary protects 30 white and four black rhinos –…
Ruins in Tswapong Hills

Old Palapye (Phalatswe)

About 20km southeast of Palapye, amid low-lying scrub, thinly scattered stone walls mark the site of the former Bangwato capital. Spread over a large area and signposted along the main track, stone walls denote the …
Canyon in Tswapong Hills

Moremi Gorge

The approach to steep-walled Moremi Gorge gives little hint of what lies ahead. Once within the site, with its sheer beauty and abundant birdlife (with Cape vultures wheeling overhead or perched at their nesting sit…
Canyon in Tswapong Hills

Motetane Gorge

The walls of the Tswapong Hills are riven with deep canyons, and the east–west Motetane Gorge is the prettiest of them. The turn-off to the gorge is well signposted en route to the church of Old Palapye and trails l…
Cemetery in Serowe

Royal Cemetery

Before leaving Serowe, hike to the top of Thathaganyana Hill, where you’ll find the Royal Cemetery, which contains the grave of Sir Seretse Khama, the founding father of modern Botswana, and Khama III; the latter is…
Museum in Serowe

Khama III Memorial Museum

The Khama III Memorial Museum outlines the history of the Khama family, one of the most important dynasties in Southern Africa. The museum includes the personal effects of Chief Khama III and his descendants, as wel…
Museum in Francistown

Supa-Ngwao Museum

Housed in the 100-year-old Government Camp, the Supa-Ngwao Museum includes a prison and a police canteen, and has moderately interesting small displays about local and regional culture and history (supa-ngwao means …
Ruins in Tuli Block

Motloutse Ruins

Near Solomon’s Wall are the Motloutse Ruins, a Great Zimbabwe–era stone village that belonged to the kingdom of Mwene Mutapa. There's not a whole lot to see, but it does possess a wild, slowly-being-swallowed-up-by-…
Landmark in Tuli Block

Solomon’s Wall

Tuli Block’s most famous feature is Solomon’s Wall, a 30m-high basalt dyke cut naturally through the landscape on either side of the sandy riverbed.