Landmark in Ntwetwe Pan

Chapman’s Baobab

About 11km further south is the turn-off to the far more impressive Chapman’s Baobab, which has a circumference of 25m and was historically used as a navigation beacon. It may also have been used as an early post of…
Crafts in D’kar

Kuru Art Project

This fabulous art project provides opportunities for local artists to create and sell paintings and other artwork; it’s worth spending an hour or two leafing through the various folios of artworks. It’s well signpos…
Wildlife Reserve in Gaborone

Gaborone Game Reserve

This reserve was established in 1988 by the Kalahari Conservation Society to give the Gaborone public an opportunity to view Botswana’s wildlife in a natural and accessible location. Although the reserve is only 5 s…
Hill in Savuti

Gobabis Hill

Another of the rocky monoliths, Gobabis Hill is home to several sets of 4000-year-old rock paintings of San origin. The best are the depictions of livestock halfway up to the summit on the south side of the rock; pa…
Landmark in Ntwetwe Pan

Green’s Baobab

On the Gweta–Orapa track, 27km south of Gweta, is Green’s Baobab, which was inscribed by the 19th-century hunters and traders Joseph Green and Hendrik Matthys van Zyl, as well as other ruthless characters.
Wildlife Reserve in Nata

Nata Bird Sanctuary

This 230-sq-km community-run wildlife sanctuary was formed when local people voluntarily relocated 3500 cattle and established a network of tracks throughout the northeastern end of Sowa Pan.Although the sanctuary p…
Museum in Maun

Nhabe Museum

This small and simple museum is housed in a historic building built by the British military in 1939 and used during WWII as a surveillance post keeping tabs on the German presence in Namibia. The museum offers a few…
Museum in Gaborone

National Museum & Art Gallery

If you come with expectations reasonably lowered, you may enjoy this small, neglected museum. It’s a good way to kill an hour if you’re into taxidermy; exhibits of stuffed animals sit between those on precolonial an…
Museum in Serowe

Khama III Memorial Museum

The Khama III Memorial Museum outlines the history of the Khama family, one of the most important dynasties in Southern Africa. The museum includes the personal effects of Chief Khama III and his descendants as well…
Museum in Francistown

Supa-Ngwao Museum

Housed in the 100-year-old Government Camp, the Supa-Ngwao Museum includes a prison and a police canteen, and has interesting small displays about local and regional culture and history (supa-ngwao means ‘to show cu…