Top Choice Waterfall in Una River Valley

Štrbački Buk

Competing with Kravice as the nation's most impressive waterfall, Štrbački Buk is a seriously dramatic double cascade, pounding over a superbly photogenic 18m drop-off, overlooked by a network of viewing platforms.
Lake in Jajce

Pliva Lakes

Two idyllically calm lakes reflect the surrounding wooded mountains in their clear waters, and are popular for boating and simply cycling around. Between them lies the Mlinčići, a cute collection of 17 tiny wooden w…
Castle in Travnik

Stari Grad

Travnik's castle surveys the city from a shoulder of hillside above Plava Voda. The stone walls seem so bright in sunshine that they appear to have been scrubbed. The restored multisided keep houses a modest museum …
Museum Village in Banja Luka

Ljubačke Doline

This small but delightful 'village' of around 30 rescued and reconstructed historic rural buildings is packed with rustic artefacts and layered up a pretty hillside meadow. The inviting 'museum' section, with a litt…
Archaeological Site in Travnik

Viziers' Graves

Travnik was long home to Bosnia's Ottoman governors (viziers) and many of their finely carved tombstones remain along with those of prominent court officials and poets. Opposite UniCredit Bank, four such graves are …
Castle in Jajce


Jajce's fortress ruins have a powerful aspect when seen from afar but inside is mostly bald grass. Ramparts offer sweeping views of the valleys and crags that surround Jajce's urban sprawl, though views of the fortr…
Fortress in Una River Valley

Ostrožac Fortress

Ostrožac is one of Bosnia and Hercegovina's most photogenic castles, a spooky Gothic place high above the Una Valley up 4km of hairpins towards Cazin. There's plenty to explore from various epochs, ramparts to walk,…
Mosque in Travnik

Haji Alibey Mosque

Paired photogenically with the four-storey, mid-18th-century Sahat Kula (stone clock tower), this two-storey mosque's distinctive features are the green wooden filigree on its frontage, faded paintwork on the door a…
Mosque in Banja Luka

Ferhadija Džamija

This small but splendid Unesco-listed mosque was built in 1579 with the money raised by ransoming a kidnapped Austro-Hungarian lord. Completely destroyed in 1993 as part of the Bosnian War, its meticulous reconstruc…
Waterfall in Jajce

Jajce Waterfall

Jajce's impressive 21m-high waterfalls form where the Pliva River tumbles abruptly into the Vrbas Rivers. A new viewing platform (adult/child 4/2KM) has been built opposite the falls' the base, accessed from stairs …