Visoko attractions

Tunnel in Visoko

Tunnel Ravne

At this highly commercialised site, a dozen or more kilometres of tunnels supposedly form a labyrinth that dates back many millennia. Guides postulate that the tunnels were originally excavated by the same supercult…
Park in Visoko

Ravne 2 Park

A spiral herbarium, 'purification labyrinth', three concentric rock circles forming an 'aura-field amplifier' and 24 standing stones inscribed with circular 'cosmograms' – these are just some features of the meadow …
Hill in Visoko

Excavation Site

Excavations of the superhard slabs of 'concrete' on Visočica Hill show what American-Bosnian businessman Semir Osmanagić claims as 'proof' of the pyramid's human hand. The diggings are a five-minute climb up a steep…