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Jajce, Pliva Lakes, Travnik Tour from Sarajevo

Jajce town, truly bears epithet "royal" as it has been the residence of medieval Bosnian Kings. World’s only town with natural waterfall in the very centre and birthplace of Yugoslavia. Home to amazingly green lakes of Pliva river. We also do not forget to pay visit to Travnik - Ottoman time vizier’s town, later Nobel prize winner, Ivo Andric birthplace with stunning Plava Voda spring and old Ottoman fortress. So, why not taking one day trip with us and discover unique hidden gem in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
10 hours
Outdoor Activities

Tatinec cycling path

This relaxed cycling trip is something even for families with children. It starts at the Main Square in Kranj and then continues along the Kokra River canyon to Predoslje, Breg ob Kokri and the subalpine village of Preddvor. The path then continues through the charming little villages of Zgornja Bela, Bašelj, Čadovlje and the mysterious village of Tatinec after which it was named. Relaxed cycling then goes past green pastures to Bobovek and the little lakes that emerged there centuries ago after clay was dug out of the ground, then past Ilovka and back to the Kokra River canyon and Kranj. 
3 hours
Kid Friendly

Bosnia and Herzegovina- 1 day tour by GoBook ( Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids)

In this tour you will enjoy in natural beauties of Bosnia and Herzegovina and visit the famous Bosnian Valley of Pyramids. Bosnian Valley of Pyramids represents the biggest complex of pyramidal structures in the World. It consists of Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun (with its height of over 220 meters is bigger than Cheops Pyramid), Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon (190 meters), Pyramid of Bosnian Dragon (90 meters), Temple of Mother Earth and Pyramid of Love.
8 hours
Cultural & Theme Tours

Ancient Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun

Croatian physicists detected (2010) existence of the energy beam coming through the top of the pyramid with the radius of 4,5 meters. Italian and Finish experts detected (2011) ultrasound phenomenon on the top of the pyramid as well. Shadow of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun covers Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon during the summer months just before the sunset showing clear astronomical relationship between two pyramids. This pyramid is covered by soil and vegetation like hundreds pyramids in China, Mexico or Guatemala. According to the Federal Institute of Pedology layers of soil that cover the pyramid is approx. 12.000 years old. It makes this pyramid oldest pyramid on the Planet. Tens of thousands of tourists from all over the World are attracted by the pyramid discovery and its energy and spiritual properties.
8 hours
Kid Friendly

Bosnian Valley of Pyramids Weekend Tour

Sitting on the top of the oldest, largest and most powerful Pyramid of the Planet…in a circle of loving people who surround you, as your sound is melting with the sound of the Pyramid and the sound of all beings present. Your heart is expanding as you connect with the core of the Pyramid. Slowly you realize sacred energy flowing through you from the bottom of the Pyramid up, and up, and further up to the source of everything.You have the deepest sense that you are connected with this Pyramid in a way that is far beyond your mind.This is the magic of the hidden secrets of the Bosnian Pyramids.And there is so much more…¤ The breathtaking silence in the healing chambers of the underground tunnels ‘Ravne’¤ The deeply nourishing energy of the Pyramid of Moon¤ The all-embracing vibration of the Pyramid of Love¤ The mysterious stone spheres¤ The live open-air Meditation Sound Concert at the Tumulus¤ The call of the dragonWelcome to a life-changing re-empowering spiritual tour
3 days
Sightseeing Tickets & Passes

Underground Labyrinth Ravne

Visitors will have the opportunity to relax and enjoy their time spent sightseeing in the area.Group visits should be announced in advance. Prehistoric Underground Labyrinth “Ravne” spreads beneath the entire Valley of Pyramids.To date we have cleaned 1700m of secured passages that visitors can walk through (60-90 minutes of a guided tour), to see and feel the power of carefully positioned ceramic mega blocks.We are offering guided educational tours. Additionally, there are professional guide services for all visitors interested in the multi features of our Park: energetic, magnetic, healing, spiritual or simply touristic.You are warmly welcomed to our Info Center “Ravne” - open 7 days a week throughout the whole year.
1 hour
Cultural & Theme Tours

Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids: 2 days tour

Discovery of Bosnian pyramids is historic for several reasons: This is the largest pyramid in the world, The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun is 220 meters high (Great Pyramid in Egypt is 147 meters high). The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun has the most precise orientation towards cosmic north with the error of 0 degrees, 0 minutes and 12 seconds. The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun is completely covered by rectangular concrete blocks. The material of the concrete blocks according to scientific institutions in Bosnia, Italy, and France is far more superior to modern concrete materials. Pyramids of Sun, Moon, and Dragon form a perfect equilateral triangle with 2.170 meters distance between their tops.
2 days
Private & Custom Tours

Private tour from Sarajevo: Bosnian Pyramids Mystery

Have you heard for the mystery named Bosnian Pyramids?Well, yes, not only Egypt does have pyramids! Recent researches have shown that in the Visoko area there might be pyramids. In order to promote Bosnia Toursim we are proud to tell you legend story regarding this large complex – Bosnian Valley of Pyramids! If 55 world famous archeologists are exploring the area, why wouldn’t we? Maybe you are the one who will find a proof more!The complex does not have only historical importance. In the tunnels of Pyramids, mystical healing energy is thought to be detected and the complex becomes more visited each year. There are many sights to be seen and a lot of energy to be felt, and those features make these legendary Pyramids unique: design, energetic rays, archaeological pressures, the power of nature.Come end join the crew of our investigators! Let’s explore unexplored!
4 hours
Cultural & Theme Tours

Smiley tour to Bosnian pyramid

It makes is unique because only Smiley Tours go beyond where no one goes we adapt to any situacion and we are very flexible
12 hours