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Top Choice Waterfall in Una River Valley

Štrbački Buk

Competing with Kravice as the nation's most impressive waterfall, Štrbački Buk is a seriously dramatic double cascade, pounding over a superbly photogenic 18m drop-off, overlooked by a network of viewing platforms.
Fortress in Una River Valley

Ostrožac Fortress

Ostrožac is one of Bosnia and Hercegovina's most photogenic castles, a spooky Gothic place high above the Una Valley up 4km of hairpins towards Cazin. There's plenty to explore from various epochs, ramparts to walk,…
Fortress in Una River Valley


Crowning the forested mount behind Kulen Vakuf, Ostrovica fortress is much more ruinous than it might appear from below. The interior is almost impossibly overgrown with nettles and brambles, but the views down over…
National Park in Una River Valley

Una National Park

The centrepiece of the Una National Park is the glorious Štrbački Buk, western Bosnia's finest set of waterfalls, but other highlights include the more delicate Milančev Buk falls at Martin Brod and a wide range of …
Barbecue in Una River Valley


Though not in the Una Valley itself, this old-world styled 'Eco-village' is a delightful place to stop for a meaty meal en route, sitting beneath oak trees in the extensive parkland grounds or dining in the historic…
Waterfall in Una River Valley

Milančev Buk

Collectively, Martin Brod's collection of cascades tumble down a vertical height of over 50m. Individually none is as high nor as majestic as Štrbački Buk, but Milančev Buk is nonetheless a delightful sight with a w…
International in Una River Valley

Čardak na Uni

The two-colour pine interior is decorated with a mishmash of wrought-iron design features, artificial flowers and a few mounted weapons. Tables spill out between flowers, trees and a couple of fountains set back fro…
Cafe in Una River Valley

Restoran River Una

The prize seats are on a terrace that forms an arc so close to the crystal-clear Una that you can watch fish as you sip. The bench-seat interior is more pub than restaurant with displays of angling trophies.
Sailing in Una River Valley

Una Regatta

Hundreds of kayaks and rafts follow a three-day course from Kulen-Vakuf to Bosanska Krupa via Bihać.