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Getting There & Away

Trebinje's bus station is 600m southwest of the Old Town. Domestic destinations include Mostar (21KM, 3½ hours, four daily), Konjic (26KM, two daily), Istočno Sarajevo (27KM, 4¾ hours, three daily), Višegrad (26KM, five hours, three daily) and Banja Luka (48KM, 8¾ hours, two daily). There also direct services to Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia.

If there's no traffic, the drive to Dubrovnik only takes about 30 minutes but be aware that queues at the Croatian border can take over an hour at peak times; buses (8KM, one hour, one or two daily) get priority. Taxis from Dubrovnik charge upwards of €60 to Trebinje, while taxis from Trebinje cost less than half that; you're best to book one through your Trebinje hotel or hostel.