Travnik attractions

Mosque in Travnik

Many-Coloured Mosque

Although this mosque is officially called Sulejmanija, everyone in Travnik uses its longstanding nickname, a reference to its famous frescoed facade. The colours have since faded but the building remains notable for…
Fortress in Travnik

Old Town Fortress

Travnik's 15th-century fortress surveys the city from a shoulder of hillside above Plava Voda. The stone walls gleam so brightly in the sunshine that they appear to have been scrubbed. The restored multisided keep h…
Islamic Tomb in Travnik

Viziers' Graves

The finely carved turbe (tombs) of Bosnia's Ottoman governors are clustered at the western end of the main shopping strip, along with those of prominent court officials and poets. Opposite UniCredit Bank, four such …
Mosque in Travnik

Hadji Ali-bey Mosque

Paired photogenically with the four-storey, mid-18th-century Sahat Kula (stone clock tower), this two-storey mosque's distinctive features are the green wooden filigree on its frontage, faded paintwork on the door a…
Area in Travnik

Plava Voda

Plava Voda ('Blue Water') is home to a convivial gaggle of restaurants flanking a merrily gurgling stream, criss-crossed by small bridges.