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Jajce, Pliva Lakes, Travnik Tour from Sarajevo

Jajce town, truly bears epithet "royal" as it has been the residence of medieval Bosnian Kings. World’s only town with natural waterfall in the very centre and birthplace of Yugoslavia. Home to amazingly green lakes of Pliva river. We also do not forget to pay visit to Travnik - Ottoman time vizier’s town, later Nobel prize winner, Ivo Andric birthplace with stunning Plava Voda spring and old Ottoman fortress. So, why not taking one day trip with us and discover unique hidden gem in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
10 hours
Day Trips & Excursions

Travnik Overday Tour From Sarajevo

Perfect way to spend your day is to visit central parts of Bosnia and visit medieval fortress in Travnik and see authentic bosnian architecture and beautiful nature. Besides that we will visit Ahmici village and ethno village Cardaci
5 hours
Kid Friendly

Bosnia and Herzegovina- 1 day tour by GoBook( Travnik-Jajce)

In this tour you will visit Travnik and Jajce towns.In the Royal Town of Jajce one can find many monuments bearing testimony to the history of Bosnia and Herzegovina, however, the pride of Jajce is definitely the natural pearl located in the center of the town - a 21 meter tall waterfall. In Travnik you can enjoy in natural beauties "Plave vode" and visit old fortress.
8 hours
Kid Friendly

Travnik and Jajce Excursion

Morning ride will take us through interesting regions of central Bosnia, passing by Visoko town and valley of Bosnian Pyramids (can be arranged as a stop, but due to time limits on this day is recommended in our 2day package), and then along the flows of river Bosna and Lasva and especially beautiful flow and canyon of Vrbas until, nearly three hours later we arrive to Jajce. a city which truly bears epithet “royal” as it has been the residence of the Bosnian Kings. It is World’s only city with natural waterfall in the city centre and birthplace of Yugoslavia, but even more.
8 hours
Kid Friendly

Totally Bosnia Tour- Travel in a Day Tour between Sarajevo and Zagreb

Travel from Sarajevo to Zagreb (Ljubljana / Split or vice versa) in a day tour and explore Jajce - the birthplace of Yugoslavia and world’s only city with natural waterfall in the city centre. Dive into mix of history and amazing nature of viziers’ town Travnik and admire the perfectly transparent Pliva Lakes. Enjoy the cocky Banja Luka and prepare to be shocked by WWII extermination camp - Jasenovac. Discover the essence of coexistence of three “different” nations under the same roof of Bosnian land. The most amazing benefit of this day tour is the complete understanding the tripartite nature of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Imagine in one day tour, we’ll be visiting Bosniak (Muslim), Croatian (Catholic) and Serbian (Orthodox) dominated regions of Bosnia and Herzegovina and we’ll discover how relations have been shaped here in past centuries.
12 hours
Cultural & Theme Tours

Sarajevo to Belgrade UNESCO One-Way Day Trip via West Bosnia and East Serbia

Sarajevo and Belgrade, once capitals of ex Yugoslav Republics, two cities which Sarajevo Funky Tours today has brought together much closer by developing a stunning full day and multi day tours, which are logically connecting and covering regions of Eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina and West Serbia. Famous “Bridge over Drina”, “Šargan Eight” at Nature Park of Mokra Gora and National Park Tara are marvelous destinations every and each one travelling through Balkans must see. For that purpose SAFT has created series of international day and multi-day trips which are beautifully connecting ex YU republics and bringing great insight what Yugoslavia once was from perspective of culture, history and natural beauty.
11 hours
Multi-day & Extended Tours

Private 3 day tour: Best of Bosnia & Herzegovina - Sarajevo, Mostar & Jajce

Visit Old Town Bascarsija & take a 2h walking tour - a walk through rich Sarajevo history - from Ottomans to modern historyVisit to Tunnel of hope and find out more about how it was like during the terrors of warTravel to Herzegovina region and visit old Ottoman period city Konjic, famous Dervish House in Blagaj and famous and beautiful MostarVisit Travnik, a city with numerous mosques, houses and fountains dating back to Ottomans and Visit Jajce, the 14th century capital of Bosnia
3 days
Day Trips & Excursions

Travnik - an Open Museum Tour

Take the 5-hours tour to Travnik, the historical town of economy and trade and historical capital of the Ottoman empire governors. See amazing Travniks' oriental structure such as the colorful mosque of Sultan Sulejman. Take a walk down through the Old Town of Travnik and visit home of Nobel Prize Winner Ivo Andric, which today is a museum of the writer's work . At the end of the tour we will discover the Travnik Fortress which stands on the top of a hill.
5 hours