Top things to do

Cemetery in Stolac

Boljuni Stećci

This collection of more than 270 stećci (ancient grave-marker stones) forms two nearby groups under venerable oak trees at Boluni, 12km from Stolac. While less celebrated than the stećci at Radimlja, Boluni's have a…
Fortress in Stolac

Vidoški Castle Ruins

Crowning the shoulder of woodland ridge that rises directly above the town centre, Vidoški is one of the most extensive medieval castle-ruins in Bosnia and Hercegovina. Stabilisation repairs in 2013 have helped ensu…
Mosque in Stolac

Podgradska Džamija

Small but picturesque, this three-storey stone mosque has a couple of shop-spaces on the ground floor, a fine wooden porch entrance at the side, and a photogenic view from the stone cistern.
Bosnian in Stolac

Restoran Han

Good-value Bosnian standards are served on Han's open terrace directly outside the Čaršija mosque. The (over)restored historic building is less appealing with old Stolac pictures but not much atmosphere.
Architecture in Stolac

Mill Races

If you follow the Bregava River upstream from central Stolac, you'll pass three very picturesque, 17th-century stone-mill races with stone-flagged roofs. Accompanying the northernmost of these, on the west side of t…
Cemetery in Stolac

Radimlja Necropolis

Beside the Mostar Rd, 3km west of Stolac, is the famous Radimlja Necropolis. At first glimpse it looks like a quarry yard. But on closer inspection the group of around 110 white stone blocks prove to include some of…
Bosnian in Stolac

Old Mill

Using the most impressive of Stolac's historic stone watermills as a centrepiece, this summer restaurant is a great place for trout, fresh from the stream. If you're not hungry, order a coffee while admiring the sto…
Cafe in Stolac

Krypton Pizzeria

Stolac's cosiest cafe is also its best pizzeria. It's set on two levels with a gently contemporary feel, good music and terrace spaces from which to gaze into the greenery of the tree-shaded canal area.
Area in Stolac


Lined by plane trees, the quiet main street parallels the Bregava River for 600m between the Podgradska Džamija and the town centre.
Bridge in Stolac

Inat Ćuprija

The name of this cute little humpback bridge translates as something close to 'spite' or 'bloody-minded', leading to wildly varying local legends.