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Understanding Srebrenica Genocide Full-Day Tour from Sarajevo

After the morning pickup around 8 am, you'll spend two and a half hours on the road towards Srebrenica, where you’ll enjoy the beautiful scenery of Eastern Bosnian mountain regions, spiced up with detailed stories and important explanations behind the reasons of "Death of Yugoslavia". Understanding the role of Bosnia in the storm of 90's is crucial for better understanding of Genocide in Srebrenica. Genocide in Srebrenica is not an event which just took place in one narrow region or one town, in fact, it is an overall story of aggression on Bosnia and Herzegovina, meaning Genocide events took place in wider area of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and especially of the region of East Bosnia. During your ride you will pass through several small towns and village where similar events have occurred, so chronological introduction and context is very important to fully understand the story that you'll be exploring together that day. As soon you arrive to Memorial Centre at Potočari, you will have a chance to participate at locally guided tour and history class at Memorial Centre with official guide. Local guide in charge is survivor of those events and person whose experiences and stories are extremely important part of the tour. Memorial Cemetery where over 6500 people, in past years have been buried, before exhumed and identified, while some over 1500 victims are still missing, will be the most striking and mind blowing part of the visit. Other important elements of the visit will take place at former Dutchbat UN base, where you’ll get a chance to see amazing newly open (Feb 2017) Museum of "Srebrenica Genocide - failure of international community", understand importance of Memorial Room, see number of documentary movies, study chronological photo exhibitions, get stunned by graffiti remains, learn personal stories and stories of in-base mass grave and other elements of importance related to overall story of Srebrenica Genocide.After some three hours of visiting Potočari Memorial Centre, it's time for a short, 6 km ride to Srebrenica town. Visiting this small, historically rich, ‘silver town’ (Bosnian for silver is ‘Srebro’) will give better insight in the meaning of the “Worlds largest concentration camp during the 90's”. Once in Srebrenica, it'll be time to stop for lunch (not included) where you will receive further elaboration about present life, as well as have a chance to explore the place on your own too.After you are done with lunch and city explorations, it is time to head back. Expect to be in Sarajevo around 6 or latest 7 pm.Finally today, facts are known, as what exactly happened in Srebrenica is beyond any reasonable doubt, simply numerous trials at ICTY have proven it, but true reasons and role of the Dutchbat UN forces at Srebrenica, and overall UN role, is very hard to fully uncover. The mission of this tour is to clear it out.

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Srebrenica massacre and Drina canyon - Day tour from SARAJEVO

The starting time is 8:00 a.m. usually in front of Info Bosnia Tourist Information Center located on main pedestrian street Ferhadija, just next to "Sarajevo Meeting of Cultures", but can be arranged from elsewhere, if requested. After a small introduction and giving to our guest complimentary bottles of water and sandwiches with traditional Bosnian sausage (vegetarian food at request) , we can start our journey.  City of Srebrenica is located around two and half hours from the city of Sarajevo. Road takes us through desolate mountainous area with beautiful nature of Eastern Bosnia. While You are able to enjoy scenery we will start our presentation with detailed stories, carefully selected so You are able to understand a complex matter of "The Fall of Yugoslavia" which is crucial for Your understanding of Srebrenica genocide.  Our first stop is in front of battery factory, used by UN forces during the war in Bosnia. In previous headquarters of the Dutch battalion is now located one of the most modern museums in Bosnia and Herzegovina, “Museum of Srebrenica Genocide”. There we will be meeting the curator and experience first-hand story about the survival in Srebrenica enclave. Museum is equipped with multimedia facilities with selection of movies, that will help You understand events that led to the worst atrocity in Europe since World War II. From Museum of Srebrenica Genocide, we continue to Memorial room, where You will be able to hear the stories of the victims which were made by a local journalist. Part of the Memorial room is also dedicated to the people responsible for the massacre. Victims that were found and identified are resting at Memorial cemetery. Now the cemetery counts 6575 victims, but that number rises every year. Once we visited Potocari Memorial Centre, we continue our journey to the city of Srebrenica. Once the industrial leader in the area, and one of the oldest settlements of people is now a ghost city. Srebrenica is also the location for the lunch, as there are not a lot of restaurants nearby. From Srebrenica we are continuing towards the artificial lake made by beautiful emerald green river Drina. Drina is also a natural border between Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. While driving towards the lake, You will be able to see a lot of monuments with names carved in marble. Lake Perucac is believed to be the biggest mass grave in this part of the world. We expect to be in Sarajevo around 8 p.m.

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Srebrenica Tour from Sarajevo

8372: This is the number of the graves in Potocari. This is the number that tells how many innocent men, women and children were brutally murdered during the genocide in July 1995. This massacre is the greatest tragedy of humankind and the story itself leaves a permanent mark whenever being told to anyone. You do not have to hear the story – it is enough to stand there, to see the sorrow in the eyes of Mothers of Srebrenica. On this return trip from Sarajevo, you will cross over the Romanija mountain with beautiful panoramic views. Then visit Potocari memorial complex where you will see about 8,000 silent witnesses of the genocide in July 1995. Visit the memorial room to watch a 40-minure documentary about what happened in Srebrenica and see Srebrenica town before returning to Sarajevo.

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Srebrenica - The Valley of Death

Srebrenica is a town which suffered the most during the homeland war in Bosnia. Today, Srebrenica is the host of a memorial in the names of 8000 innocent war victims killed during the aggressor siege. Srebrenica has become known for the unfortunate events which went on during the Bosnia war. Within 3 days, the biggest genocide massacre since World War II, took place in Srebrenica making it go down in history. On the Srebrenica – Valley of Death Tour, you will visit the Srebrenica Potočari Memorial Complex. This memorial was established in 2001, and it was officially opened to the public by former US president Mr. Bill Clinton. During your tour around the Potocari memorial, our guide will tell you all about the history of Srebrenica and the events that happened during the harsh war times. Srebrenica has become a UN protected zone due to these events and to the unresolved genocide status of the town. Although the every-day life of Srebrenica has regained its natural flow and returned to normal, many of the women and children who survived the massacres and lost their loved ones are still not able to find peace due to the fact that they still haven’t found the remains of their loved ones. A number of mass graves have been excavated, but a number still remains lost. Beside the tragic past of Srebrenica and Potocari, this location has in the past also been very popular for the beautiful natural landscapes, typical for Bosnia. A plethora of wildlife and greenery, dense forests with pine trees, the thermal springs and cozy villages with country homes, are all a must see on your tour to Srebrenica. On your tour to Srebrenica you will also see and learn about the “July 11th Musala”, the Turbeh, the Wall of Memories, and the Museum of Genocide.

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Srebrenica genocide tour from Sarajevo

The name Srebrenica stands recalls the worst war crime in Europe since the Second World War. On July 11, 1995, over three years into the war in Bosnia Srebrenica became the stage of the greatest cruelty, the greatest crimes against humanity. More than 8,000 of people would be killed in the following days. Our guide will tell You how Srebrenica played an outsize role in bringing about this indecisive end to the conflict. Decision of the High Representative Wolfgang Petritsch in 2001 established the Foundation "Srebrenica-Potocari", Memorial and Cemetery, in memory of the victims of genocide in Srebrenica in 1995. Memorial was officially opened by former US President Bill Clinton in September 2003. That same year. in March, the cut was made the first 600 identified victims. Successive burials hundreds of victims every year, this cemetery was established as a place of conservation of commemoration of the Srebrenica massacre. The atrocity was on such a massive scale that victims are still being disinterred from mass graves in the area and identified. Each year on the anniversary of the killings, the Bosnian government releases bodies that were recently discovered, in whole or in part, in the hills and fields that surround the town. Even 22 years later workers are still sifting through remains and trying to identify bodies, an attempt to restore some humanity to the more than 8,000 people killed at Srebrenica.