Top Choice Carpets in Sarajevo

Isfahan Gallery

Specialising in high-quality Persian carpets (with certificate), along with richly glazed ceramic work, this entrancing shop brings a barrage of beuatiful colours to the already enticing Morića Han caravanserai.
Art in Mostar

Edo Kurt's Workshop

For decades, coppersmith Ismet Kurt beat metal – notably shell casings – into beautiful works of art. His son Edo has now taken on the trade with similar skill in an intriguing little workshop on Kujundžiluk that's …
Perfume in Sarajevo

Kalem i Misk

Rare essential oils in cut-glass decanters counterpointed with framed calligraphy make a congenial setting to learn about perfume and to find a scent that best suits you. Tariq, one of the brothers who runs the shop…
Arts & Crafts in Sarajevo

Kazandžijska Radnja Huseinović

Although coppersmiths' shops fill the alleys of Baščaršija (especially Kazandžiluk) much is now imported or machine-made. Only six artisans are officially certified as producing genuinely handcrafted quality work. O…
Arts & Crafts in Sarajevo

Atelje Galerija Budo

Ever wanted to have a photo or logo rendered into embossed copper? Probably not, but that is a service that Budo Kulauzović can perform for you with a couple of day's notice. It's all done by hand, yet he charges on…
Books in Mostar

Galerija Old Bridge

Occupying a 500-year-old former mosque, this tourist-oriented bookshop has a useful range of locally relevant titles, sells a Yugoslavia battle-map and a range of souvenirs. For €1 they'll screen a seven-minute DVD …
Herbs in Sarajevo

Sultan Herbalist

Boxes and baskets of dried berries, flowers and grasses along with plastic phials of hard-to-identify liquids are all set rather haphazardly in this little shop. Windows are plastered with lists of the numerous ailm…
Market in Sarajevo


The 16th-century stone-vaulted covered bazaar is little more than 100m long but squint and you could be in Istanbul. Many of the 70-plus shops sell inexpensive souvenirs, scarves, cheap handbags and knock-off sungla…
Arts & Crafts in Sarajevo


Mostly an ungentrified metal workshop, this curious place also sells a small selection of coffee grinders and candlesticks.
Books in Sarajevo

Klub Knjige

The most tourist-oriented bookshop in Sarajevo, Klub Knjige has a wonderfully wide range of book titles in English and other visitor languages, and sells maps, postcards and music CDs. It has a cafe hidden away upst…