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Top Choice Bar in Sarajevo

Zlatna Ribica

Sedate and outwardly grand, this tiny bar is inspiringly eccentric, adding understated humour to a cosy treasure trove of antiques and kitsch, all mixed together and reflected in big art-nouveau mirrors.
Architecture in Sarajevo

Sarajevo City Hall

Storybook neo-Moorish facades make the 1898 Vijećnica Sarajevo's most beautiful Austro-Hungarian–era building. Seriously damaged during the 1990s siege, it has been laboriously restored and reopened in 2014. As yet …
Top Choice Museum in Sarajevo

Svrzo House

An oasis of white-washed walls, cobbled courtyards and partly vine-draped dark timbers, this 18th-century house-museum is brilliantly restored and appropriately furnished, helping visitors imagine Sarajevo life in e…
Top Choice Museum in Sarajevo

Tunnel Museum

The most visceral of Sarajevo's many 1990s war-experience 'attractions', this unmissable museum's centrepiece and raison d'être is a short section of the 1m wide, 1.6m high hand-dug tunnel under the airport runway w…
Top Choice Fusion in Sarajevo

Mala Kuhinja

Run by former TV celebrity chefs, the novel concept here is to forget menus and simply ask you what you do/don't like. Spicey? Vegan? Gluten free? No problem. And armed with this knowledge the team sets about making…
Wine Bar in Sarajevo


Sample from around 60 local and world vintages in this wine bar decorated with decanter shapes dangling from intertwined vine stems on the ceiling.
Bar in Sarajevo

Pink Houdini

One of Sarajevo's relatively rare 24-hour drinking spots, this quirky basement jazz bar has live gigs at 10pm on Fridays and Sundays.
Health Food in Sarajevo


Nibbles from this health-food shop include yummy chocolate-coated pistachios, fruit bars and nuts.
European in Sarajevo


This tourist-friendly 'country cottage' eatery is densely hung with loops of garlic, corn cobs and gingham-curtained 'windows'. Classic European meat-based dishes are supplemented by inky risottos, veggie-stuffed eg…
Bosnian in Sarajevo

Inat Kuća

This Sarajevo institution occupies a classic Ottoman-era house that's a veritable museum piece with central stone water-trough, a case of antique guns and fine metal-filigree lanterns. A range of Bosnian specialitie…