Top Choice Fusion in Sarajevo

Mala Kuhinja

Run by former TV celebrity chefs, the novel concept here is to forget menus and simply ask you what you do/don't like. Spicey? Vegan? Gluten free? No problem. And armed with this knowledge the team sets about making…
Health Food in Sarajevo


Nibbles from this health-food shop include yummy chocolate-coated pistachios, fruit bars and nuts.
European in Sarajevo


This tourist-friendly 'country cottage' eatery is densely hung with loops of garlic, corn cobs and gingham-curtained 'windows'. Classic European meat-based dishes are supplemented by inky risottos, veggie-stuffed eg…
Bosnian in Sarajevo

Inat Kuća

This Sarajevo institution occupies a classic Ottoman-era house that's a veritable museum piece with central stone water-trough, a case of antique guns and fine metal-filigree lanterns. A range of Bosnian specialitie…
International in Sarajevo

To Be [or Not] to Be

Arched metal shutters creak open to reveal a tiny two-table room lovably decorated in traditional Bosnian style. Two more tables are upstairs, which is candlelit and with framed art. Food is a little more imaginativ…
Seafood in Sarajevo


This friendly little meat-free restaurant is styled vaguely like a yacht's interior. Along with fish dishes and sushi there are some imaginative vegetarian options including chard pockets with smoked tofu and basil …
Bosnian in Sarajevo

Kod Bibana

Encompassing the whole Sarajevo Valley, Bibana's panoramic city views trump even those of better-known Park Prinčeva, but the food is cheaper (and simpler), including typical meat dishes, squid, trout and mixed dolm…
Balkan in Sarajevo

Park Prinčeva

It's well worth the 3.50KM taxi-ride from Latinski Most to gaze out over a superb city panorama from this hillside perch, like Bono and Bill Clinton before you. From the open-sided terrace the City Hall is beautiful…
International in Sarajevo

Pivnica HS

Wild West saloon, Munich bierkeller, Las Vegas fantasy or Willy Wonka masterpiece? However you describe its decor, Pivnica HS is a vibrant place for dining on well-presented (mainly meat-based) dishes and ideal for …
Pizza in Sarajevo


Barhana's remarkably reasonable prices pair unbeatably with its charming part-wooden cottage interior whose centrepiece is the large brick pizza oven and open kitchen, partly masked by collections of bottles and can…