Sarajevo in Two Days

Focus your first day on Sarajevo's historical core. Start by soaking up the Ottoman ambience of Baščaršija. Dodge the pigeons and selfie sticks surrounding the Sebilj fountain and pause to admire the Baščaršija Mosque. Call into the Art Kuća Sevdaha to partake in the Bosnian obsession – coffee and sweets – in the historical courtyard, then visit the Brusa Bezistan for an introduction to the city's history. Continue this theme in Sarajevo City Hall, then head to Željo for ćevapi. After lunch, visit the Gazi Husrev-beg Mosque and museum, the Jewish Museum and the harrowing Galerija 11/07/95, then tick off your religious scorecard with a quick stop at the Catholic cathedral and Orthodox cathedral. Stop for a pre-dinner drink at Zlatna Ribica before heading over the road to Cakum Pakum for pasta.

Start the following day with a burek at Sač, then cross the river and take the Sarajevo Cable Car up Mt Trebević to check out the views and the Olympic bobsled track. In the afternoon, consider visits to the War Childhood Museum, National Museum and History Museum, before grabbing a drink at Tito and finishing up with a meal at Avlija.