Top Choice Bosnian in Jajce

Konoba Slapovi

It's hard to imagine a scene more magical for an outdoor riverside restaurant, perched above a horseshoe weir with a series of little footbridges allowing strolls between placid, tree-shaded shallows. The speciality…
Top Choice Fusion in Sarajevo

Mala Kuhinja

Run by former TV celebrity chefs, the novel concept here is to forget menus and simply ask you what you do/don't like. Spicy? Vegan? No problem. And armed with this knowledge the team makes culinary magic in the sho…
Top Choice Cafe in Travnik

Konak Bečka Kafana

The building is a lavishly restored 1906 former Austro-Hungarian officers' club, now an indulgent yet amazingly inexpensive 'Viennese' cafe serving great coffee and indulgent slabs of assorted gateaux. For something…
Bosnian in Blagaj

Restoran Vrelo

Vrelo serves reliably good food at a beautiful riverside location right at the edge of the Buna River where its waters pours out of the Blagaj cliff face.
Bosnian in Sarajevo

Inat Kuća

This Sarajevo institution occupies a classic Ottoman-era house that's a veritable museum piece with central stone water-trough, a case of antique guns and fine metal-filigree lanterns. A range of Bosnian specialitie…
European in Sarajevo


Central yet slightly hidden, the 'country cottage' eatery has an enchanting atmosphere with bundles of herbs, corn sheaves and flower boxes around mirrors fashioned into rustic 'windows'. The menu offers steaks, gou…
Bosnian in Sarajevo

Pod Lipom

Locals say Pod Lipom is one of the best places to try dolma (meat-stuffed vegetables) Try it in the 9KM taster plate Sarajevski sahan, which arrives on a pewter platter with a cover like a Prussian helmet. However, …
Balkan in Sarajevo

Park Prinčeva

Gaze out over a superb city panorama from this hillside perch, like Bono and Bill Clinton before you. From the open-sided terrace the City Hall is beautifully framed between rooftops, mosques and twinkling lights. W…
Barbecue in Una River Valley


Though not in the Una Valley itself, this old-world styled 'Eco-village' is a delightful place to stop for a meaty meal en route, sitting beneath oak trees in the extensive parkland grounds or dining in the historic…
Cafe in Travnik

Lutvina Kahva

Sparsely decorated with oddments of copperware and a couple of old telephones and radios, this Moorish cube of cafe was the Lutvo's Cafe featured in Andrić's Travnik Chronicle novel. Past renovations seem to have be…