Top Choice Bridge in Mostar

Stari Most

The world-famous Stari Most (meaning simply 'Old Bridge') is Mostar's indisputable visual focus. Its pale stone magnificently reflects the golden glow of sunset or the tasteful night-time floodlighting. The bridge's…
Museum in Mostar

Kajtaz House

Hidden behind tall walls, Mostar's most interesting old house was once the harem (women's) section of a larger homestead built for a 16th-century Turkish judge. Full of original artefacts, it still belongs to descen…
Memorial in Mostar

Partisan Memorial Cemetery

Although sadly neglected and badly vandalised, fans of 20th-century socialist architecture should seek out this magnificent memorial complex, designed by leading Yugoslav-era architect Bogdan Bogdanović and complete…
Museum in Mostar

Hamam Museum

This late 16th-century bathhouse has been attractively restored with whitewashed interiors, bilingual panels explaining hammam (Turkish bath) culture and glass cabinets displaying associated traditional accoutrement…
Gallery in Mostar

War Photo Exhibition

This collection of around 50 powerful wartime photos by New Zealand photojournalist Wade Goddard is displayed in the western tower guarding Stari Most, above the Bridge Divers' Club.
Square in Mostar

Španski trg

In the early 1990s, Croat and Bosniak forces bombarded each other into the rubble across a front line that ran along the Bulevar. Even now, several shell-pocked buildings remain in ruins around 'Spanish Square', not…
House in Mostar

Bišćevića Ćošak

Built in 1635, this is one of Mostar's very few traditional Ottoman houses to retain its original appearance, albeit now with trinkets for sale and a fountain made of metal ibrik jugs. Afternoon light pours in throu…
Museum in Mostar

Old Bridge Museum

This somewhat sparse museum inhabits one of the defensive towers which guard either side of Stari Most. Visits start by climbing the five storeys for partial views and interesting but limited displays about the brid…
Tower in Mostar

Mostar Peace Bell Tower

While some might ponder whether this disproportionately large church bell tower (along with the whopping great cross on the hill above) speaks more of triumphalism than peace, it does provide wonderful panoramic vie…
Square in Mostar

Trg Musala

Trg Musala was once the heart of Austro-Hungarian Mostar. Today the square is a messy mishmash of architectural styles around a fountain garden. While the 1914 City Baths building has been restored close to its orig…