Drinking and nightlife

Craft Beer in Mostar

Ima i Može Craft Beer Garden

You're liable to hear old-school punk or Bowie blasting out of this open-sided wooden pavilion above the Radobolja River, given the predilections of the owner-manager, who's also behind the OldbridZ Brewery. Take...

Pub in Mostar

Black Dog Pub

This Black Dog really starts to howl on summer nights, when musicians set up on the cobbles facing the Crooked Bridge and everyone lounges around on cushions. Inside, the historical millhouse is decked out with...

Cafe in Mostar

Café de Alma

Step back to Ottoman times at this excellent coffee roastery, with a shady front terrace and cool interior. The only things served are homemade juices and Bosnian-style coffee, and on your first visit you'll be...

Bar in Mostar

Coco Loco

Lamps shaped like stylised leaves or fashioned from a punctured guitar create interesting lighting patterns over framed commemorations of the various bands who have played at this hip cafe-bar in the shadow of...

Bar in Mostar

OKC Abrašević

Named after 19th-century proletarian poet Kosta Abrašević, this understatedly intellectual arts centre and associated Kosta cafe-bar make for Mostar's most vibrantly alternative venue for offbeat gigs. It's...

Rooftop Bar in Mostar

Club Calamus

Perched on top of an inauspicious-looking office building in the bombed-out part of town, this urbane rooftop bar offers cocktails and engrossing city views. There's no sign: walk into the lobby and take the...

Bar in Mostar


With a ceiling covered with musical instruments, this music-pumping cafe-bar is named for an ancient Marshall speaker in the owner's collection, rather than for Tito, though a copper Tito head does now grace the...

Pub in Trebinje


Trebinje's late-night bar of choice has old green shutters, trees growing through its terrace roof and a sign designed like a Jack Daniels label. Bands regularly rock the beer garden in summer. It's just across...

Cafe in Mostar


Half a dozen tables on an open-air perch terrace survey Stari Most and the old town towers from photogenic yet unexpected angles. Actual opening times are dependent on weather and temperature, not clocks.

Bar in Mostar

Ljetna Bašta Oscar

Layered through a large shady garden area, this cafe-bar and chill-out place creates an exotic feel with giant cushions, hammocks and colourful fabrics. It's popular for smoking nargile (water pipes; 10KM).

Bar in Mostar


This late-night rock-edged bar spills out into the central courtyard of the Tabhana (former tannery). There's live music most evenings around midnight.

Bar in Trebinje


The covered terrace of this popular Old Town cafe-bar is one of Trebinje's best see-and-be-seen spots.

Bar in Mostar


Take a gaping cavern in the raw rock, add a sound system and colourful flashing globe-lamps and hey presto, you have this one-off party bar. They advertise long opening hours but things don't properly kick off...