Top ChoiceBridge in Mostar

Stari Most

Stari Most

The world-famous Stari Most (meaning simply 'Old Bridge') is Mostar's indisputable visual focus. Its pale stone magnificently reflects the golden glow of sunset or the tasteful night-time floodlighting. The...

Top ChoiceWaterfall in Hercegovina

Kravica Waterfall

Kravica Waterfall

There's a slightly unreal Disney-esque quality to this outstanding natural attraction, where the Trebižat River plummets in a broad 25m-high arc into an emerald pool. In spring, this gorgeous mini-Niagara pounds...

Islamic Site in Blagaj

Blagaj Tekke

Blagaj Tekke

Forming Blagaj's signature attraction, the centrepiece of this complex of traditional stone-roofed buildings is a very pretty half-timbered dervish house with wobbly rug-covered floors, carved doorways, curious...

Museum in Mostar

Kajtaz House

Kajtaz House

Hidden behind tall walls, Mostar's most interesting old house was once the harem (women's) section of a larger homestead built for a 16th-century Turkish judge. Full of original artefacts, it still belongs to...

Church in Međugorje

St James Church complex

St James Church complex

Međugorje's central focus is this rather functional double-towered 1969 church and the parklike grounds behind it. The main daily service is a 6pm rosary followed by a 7pm Mass, which in summer is celebrated in...

Square in Trebinje

Trg Slobode

Doze off at this pretty 'Freedom Square' and when you awake you might think yourself transported to southern France, with its chestnut trees and stone-flagged pavements, old stone buildings with wrought-iron...

Cemetery in Hercegovina

Boljuni Stećci

This collection of more than 270 stećci (ancient grave-carvings) forms two nearby groups under venerable oak trees at Boljuni, 12km from Stolac. While less celebrated than the stećci at Radimlja, Boljuni's have a...

Memorial in Mostar

Partisan Memorial Cemetery

Partisan Memorial Cemetery

Although this cemetery is sadly neglected and badly vandalised, fans of 20th-century socialist architecture should seek out this magnificent memorial complex, designed by leading Yugoslav-era architect Bogdan...

Church in Trebinje

Hercegovačka Gračanica

Offering phenomenal views, this hilltop complex comprises a bell tower, gallery, cafe-bar and bishop's palace, but most notably the compact but eye-catching Presvete Bogorodice (Annunciation) Church. The latter's...

Bridge in Trebinje

Arslanagić Bridge

This unique double-backed structure was built in 1574 under the direction of Grand Vizier Mehmed Pasha Sokolović, who was also behind the Višegrad bridge, though this one was named for the toll collector. It was...

Mosque in Počitelj

Hajji Alija Mosque

Built in 1563, this large, beautiful mosque had its dome and minaret wantonly destroyed by Bosnian Croats in 1993, but it has been meticulously rebuilt, with traces of original colour left in its faceted...

Museum in Mostar

Hamam Museum

This late 16th-century bathhouse has been attractively restored with whitewashed interiors, bilingual panels explaining hammam (Turkish bath) culture and glass cabinets displaying associated traditional...

Cemetery in Hercegovina

Radimlja Necropolis

At first glimpse, the famous Radimlja Necropolis looks like a quarry yard. But on closer inspection the group of around 110 white stone blocks prove to include some of Bosnia's most important stećci (carved...

Historic Site in Hercegovina


Built between 1953 and 1979, this extensive subterranean command centre is reputed to have cost the equivalent of US$4 billion and was designed to keep Yugoslav president Tito and his high command safe from a...

Gallery in Mostar

War Photo Exhibition

This collection of around 50 powerful wartime photos by New Zealand photojournalist Wade Goddard is displayed in the western tower guarding Stari Most, above the Bridge Divers' Club.

Bridge in Hercegovina

Old Stone Bridge

This beautiful six-span bridge was originally built in 1682. It was dynamited at the end of WWII by retreating Nazi forces but rebuilt in 2009 to the original design on its 17th-century footings.

Christian Site in Međugorje

Apparition Hill

A white statue of the Queen of Peace marks the site of the original 1981 visions on the hillside, 2km from central Međugorje. If you're fit you could nip up and back in 20 minutes from the car park, but pilgrims...

Christian Site in Međugorje

Cross Mountain

Erected in 1933 for the 1900th anniversary of Christ's crucifixion, the giant cross on the top of this 520m mountain has been a place of Catholic devotion since well before Međugorje became famous. Although it's...

Square in Mostar

Španski trg

In the early 1990s, Croat and Bosniak forces bombarded each other into the rubble across a front line that ran along the Bulevar. Even now, several shell-pocked buildings remain in ruins around 'Spanish Square',...

House in Mostar

Bišćevića Ćošak

Built in 1635, this is one of Mostar's very few traditional Ottoman houses to retain its original appearance, albeit now with trinkets for sale and a fountain made of metal ibrik jugs. Afternoon light pours in...