Cafe in Sarajevo

City Pub

It's easy to let this place become your daytime address: a kick-back café-bar that turns into a big music and drinking venue at night. This pub swings, and even the bouncers smile.
Performing Arts in Sarajevo

National Theatre

Classically adorned with fiddly gilt mouldings, this proscenium-arched theatre hosts a ballet, opera, play or philharmonic concert virtually every night from mid-September to mid-June.
Live Music in Sarajevo

FIS Club

There's no sign but the graffiti-art building and heavy bass beat should help you locate this tiny basement venue which runs occasional 'urban party' nights and hosts offbeat bands. Check its Facebook site for dates…
Live Music in Sarajevo

Pivnica Sarajevo

Combining a garden drinking area and subterranean cavern rooms for a restaurant-cum-party-bar, this is often one of the liveliest joints in Sarajevo's 'mid-town', especially if you're looking for local music or main…
Concert Venue in Mostar

Dom Herceg Stjepan Kosaća

This sombre, colonade-fronted former Socialist Youth Place hosts diverse shows including occasional touring operas, ballets and theatre from Croatia.
Concert Venue in Mostar

Pavarotti Music Centre

Originally funded by the famous tenor as a postwar rehabilitation program, this centre combines music schools (classical and rock) and a recording studio and has a foyer cafe. It holds occasional concerts but most a…
Live Music in Sarajevo


On Friday and Saturday nights, talented bands give classic rock songs a romping rework in this medium-sized basement venue. Concerts some Thursdays too.
Cinema in Mostar


Multiplex cinema in the big Mepas Mall.
Pub in Sarajevo

Pirates Pub

Club in Sarajevo

Caffe Red