Bus Station in Sarajevo

Sarajevo Bus Station

Most buses to the Federation and Western Europe leave from this bus station beside the main train station, though for some places in Republika Srpska and Serbia you might need to start from the East Sarajevo (Lukavi…
Bus Station in Sarajevo

Istočno Sarajevo Bus Station

Buses marked 'Istočno Sarajevo' go to this bus station near the airport. Services are mostly to eastern Bosnia, Serbia and Montenegro.
Airport in Sarajevo

Sarajevo International Airport

Sarajevo's modern but compact international airport is about 10km southwest of Baščaršija.
Train Station in Sarajevo

Railway Station

Beside the main bus station.
Taxi in Sarajevo

Crveni Taxi

Reliable phone-to-ride taxi company that works by meter.
Bus in Sarajevo


Tram in Sarajevo

Ilidža Tram Terminus

Bus Station in Visoko

Visoko Bus Station