Airport in Sarajevo

Sarajevo International Airport

Sarajevo's modern but compact international airport is about 12km southwest of Baščaršija. An hour is usually ample for check-in.
Airport in Tuzla

Tuzla International Airport

Tuzla's minuscule airport is the Bosnian hub for budget airline WizzAir, which currently operates around 20 flights a week to various destinations in Germany, Netherlands, Scandinavia and Switzerland.
Information in Sarajevo


BIHAMK is the Bosnia and Hercegovina motoring association and offers members emergency raodside assistance. If you can read Bosanski, its website explains where speed traps will be and reports on roadworks and other…
Bus in Tuzla


Buses from Tuzla Airport to Sarajevo (€23, 2½ hours) depart half-hour after the arrival of WizzAir flights. From Sarajevo central bus station they depart four hours before scheduled flights.
Bus Station in Sarajevo

East Sarajevo (Lukovica) Bus Station

Buses marked 'Istočno Sarajevo' go to this bus station in the Dobrijna area near the airport. Services are mostly to eastern Bosnia, Serbia and Montenegro.
Bus Station in Sarajevo

Main Bus Station

Most buses to the Federation and Western Europe leave from this bus station beside the main train station, though for some places in Republik Srpska and Serbia you might need to start from East Sarajevo (Lukovica) B…
Bus in Sarajevo

Dobrijna Trolleybus Terminus

Bus 31E from the old town and trolleybus 103 both terminate at this point from which it's five minutes' walk to the East Sarajevo Bus Station – continuing in the same direction that you were heading.
Airline in Tuzla


This budget airline has its Bosnian hub at Tuzla for around 20 weekly flights to eight northern European destinations.
Bus Stop in Višegrad

Motel Okuka Bus Stop

Several through buses stop for a break at Motel Okuka, so it's a decent place to wait for certain long-distance services instead of by the road across the old bridge.
Bus in Sarajevo


The city-bus company's far-from-friendly ticket sales windows is one of very few places where you can get a tram-trolleybus day-ticket but you'll have to you queue.