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Arts & Crafts in Sarajevo

Kazandžijska Radnja Huseinović

Although coppersmiths' shops fill the alleys of Baščaršija (especially Kazandžiluk), much is now imported or machine-made; only a handful are officially certified as producing genuinely handcrafted quality work. One…
Market in Sarajevo


Built in 1543 as part of Gazi Husrev-beg's bequest, this 109m-long vaulted stone-and-brick bazaar wouldn't be out of place in Istanbul – although the lost-in-time experience is somewhat diminished by the tacky souve…
Homewares in Sarajevo

Isfahan Gallery

Specialising in high-quality Persian and Afghani rugs (with certificates of authenticity), along with glass lamps and richly glazed ceramic work, this entrancing shop brings a barrage of beautiful colours to the alr…
Books in Sarajevo


This excellent bookshop has a good selection of relevant works on the Balkans, including English-language fiction, non-fiction and guidebooks.
Mall in Sarajevo

Sarajevo City Center

It's hard not to notice this large 2014 mall designed like a partly crumpled sheet of blue paper, with ceilings like white honeycomb. The interior isn't as big as the exterior might have you believe but there's plen…
Market in Sarajevo

Pijaca Markale

This huddle of vegetable stalls is unassuming but it's historically important: in 1994 and again in 1995 it suffered infamous Bosnian Serb mortar attacks, killing a total of 111 people. The second attack so appalled…
Arts & Crafts in Sarajevo

Atelje Galerija Budo

Ever wanted to have a photo or logo rendered into embossed copper? Probably not, but that is a service that Budo Kulauzović can perform for you with a couple of days' notice. It's all done by hand, yet it doesn't co…
Arts & Crafts in Sarajevo


Mostly an ungentrified metal workshop, this curious place also sells a small selection of coffee grinders and candlesticks. While the staff don't speak English they're happy for visitors to look around. The next-doo…
Food in Sarajevo

Butik Badem

This appealing little old-town shop sells various luscious varieties of lokum (Turkish delight), nuts, spices and tempting snack foods by weight.
Arts & Crafts in Sarajevo

Shon Phon

This imaginative outfit turns oddments and waste into tasteful sculptures and offbeat accessories such as bracelets loaded with screw-nuts.