Eastern Bosnia entertainment

Arts Centre in Sarajevo

Kino Bosna

This historical cinema overflows on Mondays during smoky singalongs to the house band playing Bosnian sevdah songs. Yugo-nostalgics pack in for New Wave nights and other themed parties. The building, originally indu…
Performing Arts in Sarajevo

National Theatre Sarajevo

Classically adorned with fiddly gilt mouldings, this proscenium-arch theatre hosts a ballet, opera, play or classical concert most nights from mid-September to mid-June. In its present form the grand, column-fronted…
Live Music in Sarajevo


On Friday and Saturday nights, local bands amp up in this medium-sized basement venue from around midnight. After the gig, music and drinking continues into the wee hours. It gets very smoky inside.
Live Music in Sarajevo

Pivnica Sarajevo

Downstairs from a pleasant garden drinking area, this subterranean cavern restaurant-cum-party-bar is often one of the liveliest joints in Sarajevo's 'midtown' if you want to dine accompanied by local live music. It…