Eastern Bosnia activities, tickets and more

Cultural & Theme Tours

Private Walking Tour of Sarajevo

If you dont wand to join crowd for a tour, but you wish something more dedicated to you this would be the perfect fit as this will be private tour for you and your friends with licensed guide
2 hours
Cultural & Theme Tours

Sarajevo War Tour

All War sights in one tour to have complete picture of what happened in Sarajevo during the longest siege in modern history
5 hours
Cultural & Theme Tours

3 Day Bosnia Combo Tour Package

3 Days Bosnia Tours Combo package Sarajevo Tour 4 Hours Duration that includes walking tour and War Tunnel museum Overday tour to Mostar from Sarajevo that includes stop in Konjic, Guided tour in Mostar and free 2 hours in Old Town Mostar Overday tour to Travnik and Jajce from Sarajevo that includes Visit of Towns Travnik and Jajce
3 days
Day Trips & Excursions

Travnik Overday Tour From Sarajevo

Perfect way to spend your day is to visit central parts of Bosnia and visit medieval fortress in Travnik and see authentic bosnian architecture and beautiful nature. Besides that we will visit Ahmici village and ethno village Cardaci
5 hours
Cultural & Theme Tours


Learn about Sarajevo, a city bordering on Eastern and Western cultures. Get to know the city that was within the borders of Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian Empire, and part of Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Discover the differences between cultures, religions, and architecture of Sarajevo through our easy walking tour.
2.5 hours
Cultural & Theme Tours


Art is not the first thing that comes to our minds when we think about Bosnia and Herzegovina and Sarajevo, but we assure you that Sarajevo has one of the best art scenes in region. In this tour we will visit few locations in Sarajevo that are related to conceptual and contemporary art, we talk to local artists and art curators. Conceptual art is a direction in modern art from the early 1960s to the mid 1970s. It emerged as an artist's desire to dematerialize the subject of artistic activity, using non-traditional artwork and materials (polaroid, art, film, video, body art, happening, urban action). Join us in this awesome tour! We start every day, except sunday, at 13:00 in front Sacred Heart Cathedral.
3 hours
Classes & Workshops

Old Craft Work Shop

In this tour/activity we will learn more about Sarajevo's traditional crafts. one of them is of course the silversmithing. we will also meet with our local artist, a silversmith and with his help make a small and unique souvenir for you to take home. :)Silversmith is an old name for a craftsman, who designs or modifies (modifies) jewelry and small ornaments of silver. This craft is, in fact, a kind of art since small ornaments are made where inventiveness, skill and precision are needed. Earlier, hand tools were used and the work was done mostly by hand. Contemporary technology for the processing of materials and decoration making has recently been used. The silversmiths also use various types of precious stones in their work. The most common products of these handicrafts are jewelery, such as rings, brooches, necklaces and bracelets.
2 hours
Outdoor Activities

The Horse Riding School tour

You will meet with the guide at a desired location, and will drive by car/minivan for 35 minutes to the Horse Riding School.After arriving to the location, we will meet with our hosts, and walk around the complex. • Guests will have a 30 minutes lession and learn how to ride a horse. • After the lession, we will head to the restaurant for lunch. • Free time after lunch • Driving back to Sarajevo
4 hours
Day Trips & Excursions

Bosnia and Herzegovina- 1 day tour by GoBook, (Mostar and Pocitelj)

In this tour you will visit Old towns in Mostar and Pocitelj and romantic Old bridge in Mostar. You will enjoy bosnian natural beauties and monuments. This will be your dream trip !
10 hours
Food, Wine & Nightlife

Cooking Classes - Contemporary Bosnian cuisine

The duration of cooking class is up to 6 hours. We will be cooking in Sarajevo. Firstly, meet our guests in downtown Sarajevo. Explain them briefly sarajevo´s history, buildings etd. We are cooking in our private house it is venue with huge vineyard located above Sarajevo, on 850 meters above the sea.
6 hours