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$34.25 Cultural & Theme Tours

Private Walking Tour of Sarajevo

ItineraryThis is a typical itinerary for this productStop At: Gradska vijecnica Sarajevo, Sarajevo, Sarajevo CantonStanding next to City Hall/National library we have several points of interest, Seher Cehaja Bridge, Spite House, Miljacka river and several legends of Sarajevo becoming a town, way of culture and mentality of Bosnian people.Duration: 10 minutesStop At: Bascarsija, Sarajevo, Sarajevo CantonFrom City Hall we will move trough traditional crafts streets to Bascarsija square. You will find yourself on the main attraction, public font Sebilj. Drink free water, feed pigeons take some pictures while guide explains Ottoman heritage. Duration: 10 minutesStop At: Morica Han, Sarajevo, Sarajevo CantonFrom the main square in Old Town we will visit Morica Han. One of the Caravansarays from the Ottoman Empire. You will wind yourself in peaceful and colorful ambient with smell of Bosnian Coffee and carpet shop. Here you will learn how we make and drink coffee traditionallyDuration: 10 minutesStop At: Gazi Husrev-beg Mosque, Sarajevo, Sarajevo CantonEntering the garden of Gazi Husrev Bey Mosque, the largest out of many in Old Town. We will tell you the story of most noble man in Sarajevo, visit his grave and of course explanation of the mosque and Islamic schoolDuration: 10 minutesStop At: Old Sarajevo Clock Tower, Sarajevo, Sarajevo CantonFrom Garden of Gazi Hurev Bey mosque you will see majestic clock tower that shows lunar timeDuration: 2 minutesStop At: Latin Bridge, Sarajevo, Sarajevo CantonAustro - Hungarian era in Bosnia, Assassination and World War IDuration: 10 minutesStop At: TasliHan, Sarajevo, Sarajevo CantonRemaining of the largest Caravansaray in Sarajevo, and foundations of Hotel EuropeDuration: 5 minutesStop At: Gazi-Husrev Beg's Bezistan, Sarajevo, Sarajevo CantonOttoman covered market, perfect place to buy souvenirsDuration: 10 minutesStop At: Sarajevo Meeting of Culture, Sarajevo, Sarajevo CantonThin line where East and West meetDuration: 5 minutesStop At: Sacred Heart Cathedral, Sarajevo, Sarajevo CantonSecond square of our tour and majestic Gothic style cathedralDuration: 10 minutesStop At: Jewish Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo, Sarajevo CantonJewish heritage in Sarajevo from XVI century till todayDuration: 10 minutesStop At: Serbian Orthodox Cathedral, Sarajevo, Sarajevo CantonAs we are in European Jerusalem we will visit Orthodox Church as wellDuration: 10 minutes

$102.76 Cultural & Theme Tours

Sarajevo War Tour

ItineraryThis is a typical itinerary for this productStop At: Pijaca Markale, Sarajevo, Sarajevo CantonMarkale marketplace - Place of Massacre Duration: 10 minutesStop At: Sarajevo City Hall, Sarajevo, Sarajevo CantonNational Library was completely destroyedDuration: 10 minutesStop At: Sarajevo City Center, Sarajevo, Sarajevo CantonSniper alley, War Hotel, Suada and Olga bridgeDuration: 30 minutesStop At: History Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo, Sarajevo Cantonwar exibitionDuration: 30 minutesStop At: Galerija 11/07/95, Sarajevo, Sarajevo CantonStory of GenocideDuration: 20 minutesStop At: War Childhood Museum, Sarajevo, Sarajevo CantonLearning about the war from young ageDuration: 30 minutesStop At: Sarajevo War Tunnel, Sarajevo, Sarajevo CantonOnly way in or out during the siegeDuration: 1 hourStop At: Jewish Cemetery Sarajevo, Sarajevo, Sarajevo CantonSnipers nestDuration: 15 minutes

$605.12 Cultural & Theme Tours

3 Day Bosnia Combo Tour Package

Day 1: Sarajevo TourStart From Lobby of your hotel or any other locationDuration 4 hoursIncluded transportation, entrance fee to Tunnel museum, Local guideWalking tour visiting Seher Cehaja Bridge, City hall from outside, Copper smiths street, Bascarsija square, Gazi Husrev Bey mosque, Clock Tower, Bezistan, Latin Bridge, Taslihan, Sacred Heart Cathedral, Orthodox Church, Sinagogue. Continue to Tunnel museum and visitDay 2: Mostar Tour from SarajevoStart From Lobby of your hotel or any other locationDuration 8 hoursIncluded transportation, Local guide in MostarDriving 1 hour to Konjic and stop for pictures of Ottoman bridge, Continue to Mostar trough Neretva river canyon. In Mostar Guided tour. 2 hours free time. Back to SarajevoDay 3 Travnik and Jajce Tour from SarajevoStart From Lobby of your hotel or any other locationDuration 8 hoursIncluded transportation, English speaking driver/guideDrive 1,5 hours to Travnik and visit fortress, Plava voda and Continue to Jajce. Visit waterfall, Pliva Lakes and wooden watermills. 1 Hour free time. Back to Sarajevo

$57.09 Day Trips & Excursions

Travnik Overday Tour From Sarajevo

Tour starts in morning from lobby of your hotel or any other location in Sarajevo. We will connect to motorway towards town Zenica, traveling trough valley of Bosna river. After 1 hour of driving we turn to Lasva river valley and very soon we will reach Ahmici village. There we visit small museum and mosque that tells the story of massacre that hapend 1993 by croatian soldiers. From there we visit Travnik. Upon arrival you will see a beautiful and shortest river in Bosnia called Plava Voda. from there we climb to medieval fortress and visit ethno museum. ofcourse there will be time for panoramic pictures. From Fortress we go to city center and walk to one of famous restoraunts to try Travnik Cevapi - meatballs. After tour in Travnik we go back and visit ethno village Cardaci. There you will have time for coffee. In noon hours we return back to Sarajevo

$17.13 Cultural & Theme Tours


The walking tour starts in front of the Cathedral of the Heart of Jesus at 13:00. Our guide will introduce our guests to the history of the city, different cultures, architecture and religions represented in Sarajevo. In this tour you will learn a lot about some of the most significant historical events, such as the beginning of the First World War. Sarajevo is a city that is reasonably named European Jerusalem. A city that accepts all nationalities, religions and cultures, regardless of the dark past and the suffering he has survived. We will show you the architecture that has arisen in different time periods, we will try traditional sweets, hear a lot of interesting legends  about Sarajevo. We will do our best to make our guests feel the spirit of Sarajevo. The duration and intensity of the tour will be adjusted to the size of the group, and the tour ends at the city fortress with a view of the city and coffee breaks at the local caffee.

$28.54 Cultural & Theme Tours


ItineraryThis is a typical itinerary for this productStop At: Brodac Gallery, Sarajevo, Sarajevo CantonContemporary art gallery Brodac is located in an old building that has a story, and a soul. It used to be an prison during Austro- Hungarian occupation. Now it is turned into a cozy place where you can visit contemporary Bosnian art exhibition every once in a while. They also serve an amazing local craft beer Gelender.Duration: 45 minutesPass By: Ferhadija Pedestrian Street, Sarajevo, Sarajevo CantonFerhadija runs west to east, from Vječna Vatra and the point where it meets Titova St., all the way to Gazi Husrev-Begova St., where it then turns into Sarači St. and continues east. On Ferhadija street we will see Sarajevo Roses, a concrete scar caused by a mortar shell's explosion that was later filled with red resin. Mortar rounds landing on concrete create a unique fragmentation pattern that looks almost floral in arrangement. Because Sarajevo was a site of intense urban warfare and suffered thousands of shell explosions during the Siege of Sarajevo, the marked concrete patterns are a unique feature to the city.Stop At: Galerija JavaLocated right in the center of town, Java Gallery (Titova 21) has played an important role in affirming and building Sarajevo’s contemporary art scene, by giving artists a chance to present their work in a very attractive exhibit space.The gallery works extensively on supporting and promoting both BiH and international artists, as well as collaborating closely with artists who work in various artistic mediums and represent the contemporary art scene.Duration: 1 hourPass By: ParkušaIn one of the most famous parks in Sarajevo we will see a sculpture from the BH artist and sculptor Mensud Kečo, a sculpture dedicated to the genocide in Srebrenica.It is the sculpture ‘’Nermine, dođi’’, made of concrete, reinforcement bars, plastic and silicon, which represents the most distressing documented photograph from Srebrenica to the artist.Stop At: Kino Bosna, Sarajevo, Sarajevo CantonKino Bosna, or as it was called in the Former Yugoslavia, 'Cinema 1.maj' is widely popular in Sarajevo. You truly do feel like you are in Sarajevo. It has always has cultural and artistic events from cinema, alongside lots of local gigs being played. You will find locals with lots of beer, merry chatter and a great experience. Duration: 45 minutes

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