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$614.05 Cultural & Theme Tours

3 Day Bosnia Combo Tour Package

Day 1: Sarajevo Tour Start From Lobby of your hotel or any other location Duration 4 hours Included transportation, entrance fee to Tunnel museum, Local guide Walking tour visiting Seher Cehaja Bridge, City hall from outside, Copper smiths street, Bascarsija square, Gazi Husrev Bey mosque, Clock Tower, Bezistan, Latin Bridge, Taslihan, Sacred Heart Cathedral, Orthodox Church, Sinagogue. Continue to Tunnel museum and visit Day 2: Mostar Tour from Sarajevo Start From Lobby of your hotel or any other location Duration 8 hours Included transportation, Local guide in Mostar Driving 1 hour to Konjic and stop for pictures of Ottoman bridge, Continue to Mostar trough Neretva river canyon. In Mostar Guided tour. 2 hours free time. Back to Sarajevo Day 3 Travnik and Jajce Tour from Sarajevo Start From Lobby of your hotel or any other location Duration 8 hours Included transportation, English speaking driver/guide Drive 1,5 hours to Travnik and visit fortress, Plava voda and Continue to Jajce. Visit waterfall, Pliva Lakes and wooden watermills. 1 Hour free time. Back to Sarajevo

$57.93 Day Trips & Excursions

Travnik Overday Tour From Sarajevo

Tour starts in morning from lobby of your hotel or any other location in Sarajevo. We will connect to motorway towards town Zenica, traveling trough valley of Bosna river. After 1 hour of driving we turn to Lasva river valley and very soon we will reach Ahmici village. There we visit small museum and mosque that tells the story of massacre that hapend 1993 by croatian soldiers. From there we visit Travnik. Upon arrival you will see a beautiful and shortest river in Bosnia called Plava Voda. from there we climb to medieval fortress and visit ethno museum. ofcourse there will be time for panoramic pictures. From Fortress we go to city center and walk to one of famous restoraunts to try Travnik Cevapi - meatballs. After tour in Travnik we go back and visit ethno village Cardaci. There you will have time for coffee. In noon hours we return back to Sarajevo

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The walking tour starts in front of the Cathedral of the Heart of Jesus at 13:00. Our guide will introduce our guests to the history of the city, different cultures, architecture and religions represented in Sarajevo. In this tour you will learn a lot about some of the most significant historical events, such as the beginning of the First World War. Sarajevo is a city that is reasonably named European Jerusalem. A city that accepts all nationalities, religions and cultures, regardless of the dark past and the suffering he has survived. We will show you the architecture that has arisen in different time periods, we will try traditional sweets, hear a lot of interesting legends  about Sarajevo. We will do our best to make our guests feel the spirit of Sarajevo. The duration and intensity of the tour will be adjusted to the size of the group, and the tour ends at the city fortress with a view of the city and coffee breaks at the local caffee.

$729.91 Outdoor Activities

Hiking between Bosnia and Herzegovina

Day 1: ČvrsnicaČvrsnica is one of the highest mountains in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Together with Prenj mountain it is called the Himalaya of Herzegovina. Today’s hike is one of the most beautiful routes on the mountain. Climb the second highest peak – Veliki Vilinac 2118 m asl, see the highest lake in Bosnia and Herzegovina – Crvenjak at 2006 m asl, and the most famous rock in the country – Šuplja stijena, or popularly known as Hajdučka vrata.Day 2 and 3: PrenjPrenj is one of the most beautiful mountains in Bosnia. So much that in Bosnian mountaineering community it's addressed as „Planet Prenj“ Spend two days climbing rocky peaks that rise from green valleys: the highest peak of the mountain – Zelena glava 2155 m asl, and two more peaks in the zone-2000: Otiš and Osobac, as well as a small, but stunning peak of Taraš.Day 4: Lukomir Highland VillageA trip to Lukomir highland village takes you through 2 other medieval villages, through one of the deepest canyons in Europe, over peaks, to UNESCO World Heritage site, to waterfalls, amazing viewpoints, 4 medieval necropoles in the most spectacular locations, crosses over the coldest mountain streams, makes you eat the freshest, tastiest traditional Bosnian food prepared by locals and made from local product grown just couple of meters away, you get to know the stories, history, legends, meet the locals and see the dragon of Umoljani. What more can you wish for in a single day?The last stop, Lukomir village is a testament to old times. Village that lives the same life for more than 600 years, Bosnia’s highest and most isolated mountain village. The traditional lifestyles of the Bosnian highlanders are still practiced here, providing a unique window into the past.On the edge of the village be treated with a breathtaking view of Rakitnica Canyon, which drops 800m below, as well as the neighboring mountains. This is where a traditional home-made lunch is prepared by our hosts. Day 5: Ridges of VisočicaA Circular hike on one of the most beautiful ridges in Bosnian mountains. The hike that is very popular among locals, but tourists rarely visit it. Only the views on Rakitnica canyon would make this hike worthwhile, but it offers so much more. An amazing ridge, at least three different peaks to climb, spectacular views and one fantastic canyon to see.

$57.93 Cultural & Theme Tours

Sarajevo Street Art & Graffiti Workshop Funky Half Day Tour of Sarajevo

First part of the tour will cover the Sarajevo street art attractions in the old part and centre of Sarajevo. By covering those places you will see the evolution of actual street art scene and perhaps if we get lucky will see some artists in action.Places we shall cover will be popular regions of Fis Bock and Papagajka and few others. At those places we shall have opportunity to see amazing murals of:Vučko - stylized wolf used as a mascot of 14th Winter Olympics held in Sarajevo in February 1984,Karim Zaimović - Sarajevo journalist and writer who died in final days of Siege of Sarajevo but left an amazing trace in this city,David Bowie (World famous singer who tried to conduct a concert in besieged Sarajevo).In general, tour will cover whole range of historical facts of street art and stories of origins of street art globally and in Sarajevo (which came here with UN peacekeepers during the days of Siege of Sarajevo during the 1990ies). We will talk about the past days, present times and future of this movement. So, you will not only see, but also hear a lot of amazing stories, with assistance of one of the Sarajevo’s most prominent local graffiti and street art artists who has been around for many years.Second part of the tour will take us to some bit more remote parts of Sarajevo where local artists could do their work in peace and relaxation. Abandoned places like Olympic Bobsled (Graffiti and Street Art Mecca), Access - former military barracks Marshall Tito, Crni Vrh - Gorica and few others, are not only rich with street art, but are also amazing monuments of Yugoslavian brutalist architecture and stunning memorials to the past times.Special focus is on Sarajevo 1984 abandoned Olympic bobsled which is by far the World’s most amazing street art and graffiti location where distinguished graffiti artists like HONET and STAKA were once “performing”. It is home place to hundreds of amazing works of art, and surely is unmissable location in Sarajevo for many reasons.During the day we will have all the necessary equipment and skilful artist, to teach our guests to tryout their skills and leave permanent trace in Sarajevo, by painting some of their own art.Tour will end at region of the old town of Sarajevo.

$208.55 Multi-day & Extended Tours

Private 3 day tour: Best of Bosnia & Herzegovina - Sarajevo, Mostar & Jajce

Day 1 - Sarajevo - The city of Sarajevo represents the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is a place where different cultures meet and makes Sarajevo a unique multicultural center. It is also a city where great empires ruled and left marks all over the country like the Ottoman Empire, Austria-Hungarian Empire, Communist Yugoslavia and the modern period of independence.Is there a better example of a multi-confessional society than four religious temples within a 100 meter radius? The sounds and prayers one can hear at the same time represents a feeling which cannot be described but has to be experienced. - Explore the war history of Sarajevo on a private 3-hour history tour and learn about the 4 long years that the city and its people suffered under the constant threat of bombs. Visit the main locations from the 1992 to 1995 war following the Siege of Sarajevo. See remnants of monuments kept as a reminder that it should never happen again. Hear the story about the Tunnel of Hope and get a better understanding of this memorial by watching a short movie made during the war. Day 2 - Herzegovina - Konjic, Blagaj & Mostar - Herzegovina is southern part of the country and represents sunny and warm part of the heart-shaped country. Warm climate, a lot of sunny days during the year, stone fields and the smell of the seaside make Herzegovina different from the inner part of the country. Herzegovina is famous by its lavender fields, grape cultivation, wine production and its UNESCO heritage. - Visit Konjic, a small town known for its wood carving. The beautiful surrounding nature will host you for the Bosnian coffee break right beside a green Neretva river. - Mostar will wait for you with its warm climate, unique beauty and amazing history. Your guide will take you on Mostar Old town sightseeing, to show you the Unesco Heritage monument, a worldwide famous Old Bridge, and you will hear all the legends and stories about this amazing example of Ottoman architecture from the 16th century. - Blagaj is where Buna river is, the strongest river source in this part of Europe and is also known for the fish restaurants. An authentic Ottoman town from 16 century is the next stop. Its amazing architecture and location will surely excite you. Return back home. Day 3 - Travnik & Jajce - Jajce represents the capital of the Bosnian Kingdom during the 14th century. It has important historical significance and is also one of the most visited tourist destinations. You'll find a famous waterfall where the Pliva River meets the Vrbas River presenting a unique beauty of wild, untamed nature. - On the road to Jajce, there is a small town named Travnik which is also representative of Bosnian culture and lifestyle of local people during the Ottoman period.The town still possesses numerous mosques, houses and fountains dating back to the Ottoman period.

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