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Lukomir Village, Bjelasnica Olympic and Mountain Hiking

Umoljani and Lukomir hiking tour at Bjelasnica mountain is simply must see and experience journey for any true nature lover, if one ever comes across Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Stunning views of Rakitnica canyon, amazing scenery of Bjelasnica mountain, experiencing way of life at Bosnian most remote nomad village, unique history and culture of local communities, and bit of mythology and much more at one most unique places in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
10 hours
Kid Friendly

Jeep tour Lukomir

Explore B&H on a great ride off the beaten paths and learn about the tradition and culture of our country. Lukomir village will show you the authentic life of Bosnian people, the most beautiful nature and the most delicious food.
8 minutes
Cultural & Theme Tours

From Sarajevo: Olympic Mountains Tour

In 1984 Sarajevo was hosting 14th Olympic Winter Games. It was the event which marked Sarajevo for the time of being and the moment when Sarajevo was the center of the world. Mountains that surround Sarajevo were in perfect fit in order to host Olympic Games. The period of organizing Olympic games was the period that changed Sarajevo forever in terms of constructions. New neighborhoods, buildings, city blogs and even new villages arose in the same period to host the athletes and guests. Visiting Olympic points will make you go back in the time when Sarajevo had eyes of whole world focused. Fresh air, thick wood, Olympic stories and the beauty of green color all around will offer great relaxation for your body and your soul. Do not miss the chance to meet Olympic Sarajevo!For this tour you can choose to visit either Igman and Bjelasnica, or Trebevic and Jahorina.We give you opportunity to make your own plan for the Olympic mountain tour.The tour is ideal for a family.
4 hours