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Banja Luka International Airport is 22km north up the road towards Gradiška then 1km inland. The only services are Air Serbia flights to Belgrade and Ryanair flights to Charleroi (Belgium), Memmingen (Germany) and Stockholm-Skavsta (Sweden).

Transport Options

A shuttle meets all services, charging 10KM to central Banja Luka.


  • The main bus station is in front of the train station, 3km north of central Banja Luka. There are no ATMs and barely any English is spoken.
  • Even if you book your ticket through one of the online booking sites, you'll still need to buy another ticket (1.50KM) at the counter to access the platform.
  • Domestic destinations include Jajce (11KM, 1¼ hours, six daily), Sarajevo (32KM, five hours, six daily), Višegrad (45KM, nine hours, daily), Mostar (28KM, 5¼ hours, daily) and Trebinje (48KM, 8¾ hours, two daily).
  • Banja Luka is well connected to Zagreb, and there are also direct buses to Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland and Germany.


Trains head to Bihać (19KM, 3½ hours, daily) and Sarajevo (27KM, two daily, 4¾ hours). The train station is next to the main bus station.