Museum Village in Banja Luka

Ljubačke Doline

This small but delightful 'village' of around 30 rescued and reconstructed historic rural buildings is packed with rustic artefacts and layered up a pretty hillside meadow. The inviting 'museum' section, with a litt…
Mosque in Banja Luka

Ferhadija Džamija

This small but splendid Unesco-listed mosque was built in 1579 with the money raised by ransoming a kidnapped Austro-Hungarian lord. Completely destroyed in 1993 as part of the Bosnian War, its meticulous reconstruc…
Church in Banja Luka

Orthodox Cathedral of Christ Saviour

Banja Luka's Byzantine-style Orthodox Cathedral is an impressive structure of layered gold-brown and crab-pink stones rising to golden domes and flanked by an unfeasibly tall free-standing bell tower. The interior h…
Fortress in Banja Luka

Kastel Banja Luka

Down by the gently attractive riverbank, the chunky walls of a large, squat 16th-century fortress form the heart of Banja Luka.
Museum in Banja Luka

Muzej Republike Srpske

The large 'national' museum of the Republic Srpska walks visitors through local history from archaeological digs to horse worship to the horrors of the Ustashi concentration camps of WWII, which is a major culminati…