Top Choice Bridge in Mostar

Stari Most

World-famous Stari Most (Old Bridge) is Mostar's indisputable visual focus. Its pale stone magnificently throws back the golden glow of sunset or the tasteful night-time floodlighting. The bridge's swooping arch was…
Top Choice Waterfall in Una River Valley

Štrbački Buk

Competing with Kravice as the nation's most impressive waterfall, Štrbački Buk is a seriously dramatic double cascade, pounding over a superbly photogenic 18m drop-off, overlooked by a network of viewing platforms.
Top Choice Area in Sarajevo


Centred on what foreigners nickname Pigeon Sq, Baščaršija is the heart of old Sarajevo with pedestrians padding pale stone alleys and squares between lively (if tourist-centric) coppersmith alleys, grand Ottoman mos…
Top Choice Museum in Sarajevo

Tunnel Museum

The most visceral of Sarajevo's many 1990s war-experience 'attractions', this unmissable museum's centrepiece and raison d'être is a 25m section of the 1m wide, 1.6m high hand-dug tunnel under the airport runway. Th…
Top Choice Architecture in Sarajevo

Sarajevo City Hall

Storybook neo-Moorish facades make the 1898 Vijećnica Sarajevo's most beautiful Austro-Hungarian–era building. Seriously damaged during the 1990s siege, it finally reopened in 2014 after laborious reconstruction. It…
Top Choice Castle in Visoko

Vranduk Castle

In a deep, thickly wooded valley, the River Bosna turns abruptly almost 180 degrees creating a sharp ridge on which this little 15th-century fortress sits in the midst of a tiny, charmingly coherent village. The cas…
Top Choice Museum in Mostar

Kajtaz House

Hidden behind tall walls, Mostar's most historic old house was once the harem section of a larger homestead built for a 16th-century Turkish judge. Full of original artefacts, it still belongs to descendants of the …
Top Choice Bridge in Višegrad

Mehmet Paša Sokolović Bridge

The glorious 10-arch Mehmet Paša Sokolović Bridge is Višegrad's main attraction. Built in 1571, the structure was immortalised in Ivo Andrić's Nobel Prize–winning classic Bridge on the Drina.
Top Choice Bridge in Konjic

Kamena Ćuprija

The focus of Konjic's pretty if tiny old-town area is this beautiful six-span stone bridge flanked by the Zavičani Museum and Hotel Konak. The scene is best viewed from H&S cafe with a backdrop of a pine-smother…
Top Choice Museum in Sarajevo

Svrzo House

An oasis of white-washed walls, cobbled courtyards and partly vine-draped dark timbers, this 18th-century house-museum is brilliantly restored and appropriately furnished, helping visitors imagine Sarajevo life in e…