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Public Transport

Sarajevo has an extensive network of trams, buses, trolleybuses and minibuses, all operated by GRAS. Except for the airport bus, all single-ride tickets cost 1.60KM if pre-purchased from kiosks, or 1.80KM if bought from the driver; they must be stamped once aboard. Two-ride (3KM), five-ride (7.10KM) and day tickets (dnevna karta, 5.30KM) are also available, but these are sold at official GRAS kiosks, which are few and far between.

These are the most useful routes.

  • Tram 3 (every four minutes during the day) From Ilidža it passes the National Museum then loops one-way (anticlockwise) around Baščaršija.

  • Tram 1 (every 17 minutes during the day) Starts at the train station then does the same loop as Tram 3.