Via Dinarica

Hiking in Bosnia & Hercegovina

The Dinaric Alps stretch all of the way from Italy to Albania, and the ambitious Via Dinarica project aims to create three cross-border megapaths for hikers wishing to explore them. So far only one route has been finalised: the 1261km White Trail from Postojna in Slovenia to Valbona in Albania, taking in all of the countries' highest peaks – including Bosnia's – along the way.

The Bosnian section of the White Trail enters the country south of Buško Lake in Hercegovina and cuts east between Konjic and Mostar before heading northeast through Bjelašnica and then southeast through Sutjeska National Park. The supporting infrastructure is still being developed, so you're wise to get seek advice before setting out; refer to the official website or to that of the Via Dinarica Alliance (, which arranges tours and promotes tourist activity along the way. The best of the Bosnian sections is the well-established and beautiful path through Sutjeska National Park, taking in Maglić (2386m), Bosnia's highest mountain.

The Adriatic-hugging Blue Trail and the lower-altitude, forest-delving Green Trail are still being planned.